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Reviving a passion for puzzles with personalised home care

1 May 2024

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Written byDawn Phillips

Reviving a passion for puzzles with personalised home care

The power of compassionate Worcester home care

Here at Radfield Home Care, we pride ourselves on our rich experience in delivering premium Worcester home care. Known for our empathetic and supportive approach, we strive to ensure that the community of older people we serve continue to enjoy the things they hold close to their hearts. A recent Be There moment with our lovely client, Valerie, and our dedicated Care Professional, Caroline, exemplifies the essence of our caring mission.

Valerie was once an avid jigsaw enthusiast. But with the passage of time, she distanced herself from her favourite hobby. A decade had passed since she last worked on a jigsaw. The puzzle that went untouched was a light-up puzzle, an exciting prospect for anyone. Sensing an opportunity to reignite Valerie’s lost interest, Caroline jumped into action.

Meaningful Interactions – A Core Element of Successful Home Care

Caroline was spurred by Valeri’s grandson asking:

“‘Nan, why haven’t you done that jigsaw that has been sat in the cupboard under the stairs for ages?”

Caroline saw more than a forgotten pastime in that unused light-up jigsaw. While it offered an exciting stimulus for Valerie, it also served as a potential platform for Care Professionals visiting Valerie to engage and interact in a more meaningful way. Our Care Professionals aren’t just there to deliver home care, they are there to create connections and to bring joy into the lives of those they care for.

Under Caroline’s prompt, Valerie found herself falling back in love with her old pastime. Upon re-engaging with her old hobby, she admitted to looking forward to the Care Professionals helping her piece together the light-up jigsaw. This has been a monumental step for Valerie, bringing back passion in her life whilst surrounded by supportive care.

Radfield Home Care: Where Compassionate Care Meets Passionate Company

This heartwarming “Be There” moment from Caroline is a testament to Radfield Home Care’s philosophy. We don’t just exist to cater to the essential needs of our elderly clients – we exist to help them relish the things that they love to do. Ageing well isn’t only about physical health; staying connected to what matters most to them is the key to enduring happiness and satisfaction.
Looking for Worcester home care services that connect your loved ones to their passions? View Radfield Home Care’s services today.

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Dawn Phillips

Dawn Phillips

Director & Owner

Dawn has over 20 years of experience in the care sector and business operations. She is driven by a passion for providing top-quality care.

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