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Sam’s story, carer

24 January 2020

Local News

Written byDavid Bellis

Sam’s story, carer

Pictured: Sam Kneale – Radfield Carer

We would like to introduce you to Sam Kneale, senior care worker at Radfield Home Care Liverpool North.

Tell us about your previous work/career background.

For the past 18 years I have been working in the law sector, in various administration roles including managing reception, secretarial and other office based roles.

What has inspired you to want to be involved in the care sector?

To work in the care sector has been a lifelong ambition of mine, although having my son finally gave me the opportunity to make the career transition, and was the perfect time, giving me the flexibility around work and raising a young family.

Why Radfield Home Care?

When I first started making enquiries for roles in the care sector and after speaking to numerous care companies; speaking with Dave, owner and director of Radfield, made me feel valued as a prospective employee. His passion for the business and clients shone through.

Whilst being interviewed by Denys, operations manager for the office and hearing him speak about the company, it became apparent this was a company that was driven with family values at its core, with staff welfare and well being a high priority.

Dave and Denys’s knowledge and enthusiasm for their respective roles made it an easy choice when choosing Radfield as an employer.

How did you get to hear about the job opportunity?

When I started to look for roles on the internet for Sefton and Crosby based care companies, Radfield stood out to me and soon realised that they were head and shoulders above the other companies I researched.

What are your career aspirations?

I see myself being with Radfield for a very long time. I genuinely couldn’t see myself working anywhere else! Dave and Denys not only look after their staff’s welfare, they are also extremely supportive in assisting work based progress and training. Denys’s vast knowledge and experience has eased my transition into the care sector, despite the steep learning curve.

Any special moments with clients you would like to share?

After having numerous interactions and caring for a lady living with dementia, who could be at times very cold and abrupt, one day when I visited, I discovered she had fallen. After calling for paramedics, making her as comfortable as possible and calming her down, she placed her hand into my hand, looked me in the eye and simply said “thank you”. A moment that will live with me for a lifetime!

What do you love most about your job and working for Radfield Home Care?

I really enjoy being valued as an employee. Dave and Denys make me feel like a valuable asset to the company and not just another employee number. I am also enjoying getting out and about in the  community with our clients and helping to maintain their independence in their own homes.


Dave Bellis

Dave Bellis

Director & Owner

Dave believes that being able to interact with individuals from all walks of life is an integral part of being successful in the Home Care sector and he has brought all these skills to his business.

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