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Become a Hero like Gillian – An Easter bunny surprise for all her clients during the Covid-19 pandemic

16 April 2020

Local News

Written byJackie Gillen

Become a Hero like Gillian – An Easter bunny surprise for all her clients during the Covid-19 pandemic

On Easter Sunday, a number of Radfield clients received a very special surprise, when care professional Gillian, arrived as an Easter bunny delivering Easter gifts galore.

Gemma Bristow, registered care manager for Radfield Home Care Wakefield & Dewsbury, was taken aback to receive an email from carer Gillian, wanting to check that if it was okay on Easter Sunday when visiting her regular clients, to give them all an Easter Egg and spring flowers to help cheer them during the many challenges of Covid-19.

Gemma explains,

“I was overwhelmed with Gillians’ offer and generosity to give her clients these Easter gifts, as it was something she wanted to do and pay for herself. I hadn’t realised that she was also going to dress up as an Easter bunny with ‘bunny ears’, so when Gillian shared the photo with us, all set and ready to go with her gifts in the early hours of Sunday morning, we were all taken aback that she was going to such effort.

Gillian joined the Radfield care team in February this year, and became part of the Radfield family very quickly, and I know she’s not looked back since. She goes above and beyond in every aspect of her role, bringing treats in for the team on a regular basis and is highly valued by the office team, our clients and her colleagues. She really is a superstar!”

Gillian explains,

“I visit 6 clients every Sunday, with the first of care call at 7.15 am. My first client is always in her nightie and dressing gown when I visit, ready to be helped to get dressed, but on Sunday, my client howled with laughter at the sight of me with my bunny ears, and delighted with her Easter treats. She wanted to give me a cuddle to thank me, so we had to do a social distancing cuddle, which involves standing 2 meters apart and pretending to embrace with lots of air kisses… it was such fun; it all took a little longer to get ready that morning.

I also visited another regular client of mine who is in a wheelchair. She was so taken aback with my Easter gifts and bunny ears, the expression on her face, will stay with me forever!

Another client commented that she had not received an Easter egg, since she was a child, bringing back lots of childhood memories that she went on to share with me!

My clients are all special to me, I just wanted to give them a little something to cheer them up, during the Coronavirus pandemic, when they are all shielding from family, friends and loved ones. It’s very difficult for them.”

Gillian also explains,

“I have another client who is struggling to stay motivated at the moment; so not wanting to stand or walk and wants to just sit in her chair looking out of the window. So I have organised for a planter, some soil and a few bedding plants to be delivered to her, which will sit outside her front door, so we will plant these together on my next visit and I will be explaining to her that they must be watered daily, which I’m hoping will provide the motivation for her get out of her chair and tend to them. It’s the small things that can make a big difference to the lives of our clients during these unprecedented times.”


Jackie Gillen

Jackie Gillen


Jackie is committed to ensuring the quality of services provided remains outstanding and enjoys guiding the strategic direction of the business.

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