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Finding Purpose Again: Mrs JO Praises Linda Flynn’s Exceptional Care

20 June 2024

Local News

Written byJackie Gillen

Finding Purpose Again: Mrs JO Praises Linda Flynn’s Exceptional Care

After the sudden and tragic loss of her husband on December 31, 2022, Mrs JO faced a challenging journey of grief and adjustment. In a heartfelt letter, she praises Linda Flynn, her dedicated Care Professional, for the exceptional care and support that have profoundly impacted her life. Linda’s compassion and commitment have given Mrs JO a renewed sense of purpose, making her look forward to each new day. This moving testimonial highlights the critical role Care Professionals play in transforming lives, particularly during the most challenging times.

The power of compassionate care

At Radfield Home Care, we believe that our Care Professionals are more than just caregivers—they are lifelines for those in need, particularly during life’s toughest moments. The story of Mrs JO and Linda Flynn is a testament to the transformative power of compassionate care. Mrs JO shared her heartfelt thoughts about Linda’s exceptional support:

“I would just like to say a big thank you to my carer Mrs Linda Flynn. After losing my husband very suddenly on 31/12/2022 from a quite rare brain virus encephalitis, my world just fell apart. I just didn’t want to think about the future without him. My daughter suggested I would need carers and at first I declined this suggestion. We had been married for 47 years and he was such a good and caring husband and I knew it would be such a big void to fill. I am so glad I accepted the suggestion, Linda has made such a big difference to my life. Since losing my husband I have gone downhill both in my health and in my general outlook. There no longer seemed any purpose in getting up in the morning. Linda has however changed that. She has taken me out and we really enjoy each other’s company. This job takes a special kind of person. It is more than a job, it is bordering on nursing and that kind of feeling comes from a very special person. I just felt that Linda deserves a special thank you. Thank you to all your carers and the wonderful job they are doing. Thank you so much for reading my letter.”

The impact of home care in Wakefield

One cannot overstate the importance of having dedicated Care Professionals like Linda Flynn, especially in the realm of home care Wakefield. Their tireless work helps individuals like Mrs Jo rediscover their purpose and find joy in their daily routines. Mrs Jo continues:

“She has taken me out, and we really enjoy each other’s company. This job takes a special kind of person. It is more than a job; it is bordering on nursing, and that kind of feeling comes from a very special person.”

Linda Flynn’s dedication is a shining example of what makes Radfield Home Care a champion for the kind of care that people want as well as need. For over 40 years, we’ve been providing quality private care aimed at helping our nation age well by keeping people connected to the things that matter most to them.

A Care Professional’s perspective

Touched by Mrs JO’s letter, Linda Flynn shared her feelings on the matter:

“I was overwhelmed by this letter and I did have a little cry at home. I am so happy that I have made Joyce feel this way and so glad I work for Radfield, as it is one of the best jobs I have ever had and hopefully, by giving my all, I can make a difference to other clients’ lives.”

Linda’s sentiments echo the ethos of Radfield Home Care. We exist to not only provide the necessary care but also to foster deep and meaningful connections that enrich the lives of both our clients and our Care Professionals.

How to get in touch for home care support

If you or a loved one are in need of home care Wakefield services, Radfield Home Care is here to help. Our skilled and compassionate Care Professionals are dedicated to ensuring that everyone receives the care they deserve. You can find out more about our home care support services by visiting our website here, emailing us at [email protected] or calling us at 01924 271 394.


Jackie Gillen

Jackie Gillen


Jackie is committed to ensuring the quality of services provided remains outstanding and enjoys guiding the strategic direction of the business.

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