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How this carer turned things around with a great British dish

8 July 2021

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Written byPhil MacKechnie

How this carer turned things around with a great British dish

I’m Jo Tregear, a 36 year old mum and Care Professional with Radfield Home Care. I’ve been working with Radfield as a home care assistant for around 3 months now and I wanted to share with you my ‘Magic Moment’.

Michael and his wife live independently in their home. Without family close by, they rely on Care Professionals like me to assist with their medication needs and food preparation. During our time together, I’ve grown very close to them both. Even when I wasn’t scheduled for care visits, I would still check on notes made by other Care Professionals just so I’d know they were okay.

Sadly, one day Michael’s wife was admitted to hospital, leaving him feeling understandably very upset. Over the next few days, I would check the couple’s notes as I usually do and noticed Michael’s appetite was starting to decline.

He’d gone from a man with a strong appetite to someone eating very little. One particular day, Michael was feeling extremely anxious and hadn’t eaten anything all day. I really wanted to find a way that I could help him.

I’ve been visiting them both 6 times a week since my first day on the job, building a really strong relationship with Michael and his wife. I knew food was a passion they both shared. So, I was thinking, why not deliver a little fish & chips care package?

Outside of my care hours, I knocked on the door and was welcomed by a very hungry Michael. You should have seen the smile on his face when I started plating up his fish and chips. As it turns out, the portion was anything but little. When Michael opened the box we both had to do a double-take – the fish was enormous, well, we both fell about in a fit of laughter.

We sat and chatted, cup of tea in hand. It was lovely to see how my clients’ mood was uplifted with my fish & chip care visit! He was so grateful, thanking me regularly and even commenting that they tasted much better than the last fish & chips he’d eaten. What a result!

A kind gesture can be a light in the dark during difficult times, the difference it made to Michael was so good to see. Just sitting and enjoying a plate of fish & chips with a friend was all he needed to get his appetite back on track and take his mind off his worries about his wife for a short time. Over the next few days Michael started to eat a bit more every day; mission accomplished.

I met Michael’s daughter several days later. She thanked me for my kindness and mentioned Michael had been talking about our fish & chip rendezvous ever since. But things didn’t end there. Whilst visiting another client, I got talking about my time spent with Michael which got stomachs rumbling and led to another fish & chip delivery!

I guess I’ve always been aware of the difference food that’s a bit special can make. I’ve always brought my own grandparents something new and different that you wouldn’t necessarily find in the cupboard or fridge. In this case it paid off with not one, but two, very happy clients. It made me feel better knowing that Michael had eaten a hearty portion of fish & chips.

Life as a caregiver isn’t always fish & chips and big smiles though. Care work is a difficult job that challenges you, your communication skills and your sensibilities. Every day presents something new. However, it’s ‘Magic Moments’ like this, connecting people to the things they enjoy most, that make supporting people worthwhile.

If you would like to find out more about Radfield Home Care and how you can join the team, you can visit www.radfieldhomecare.co.uk or contact your local office.


Phil MacKechnie

Phil MacKechnie

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A digital marketing connoisseur, Phil has worked on complex digital marketing projects for large online businesses.

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