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Tips for taking care of older loved ones on bonfire night

30 October 2023

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Written byOwain Farrington

Tips for taking care of older loved ones on bonfire night

Bonfire Night, with its dazzling fireworks and crackling bonfires, is an exciting event loved by many. However, for families caring for elders with dementia, it can be challenging to ensure their safety and comfort during the festivities.

With a little extra planning and consideration, you can create a memorable and enjoyable experience for your loved one. In this article, we’ll explore some valuable tips to help you navigate Bonfire Night with your older family members.

Choose a familiar and quiet location

Opt for a spot where your loved one feels comfortable and safe. Being at home, away from the bustling crowds and loud noises, can help reduce anxiety and agitation. If possible, celebrate Bonfire Night in your own or a friend’s quiet garden, where you can control the environment.

Timing is key

Consider attending an earlier fireworks display or hosting your own bonfire while it’s still daylight. This can help prevent nighttime confusion and agitation that often accompanies dementia.

Notify neighbours

If you plan to set off fireworks or have a bonfire, it’s a good idea to inform your neighbours in advance. This not only promotes community safety but also prevents unexpected loud noises that might disturb your loved one.

Dress for the weather

If you are attending an event, then be sure to check the weather forecast and dress your loved one appropriately. Ensure they are warm and comfortable, as cold temperatures can exacerbate confusion and discomfort.

Prioritise safety

Safety is paramount when caring for someone with dementia. Keep a close eye on your loved one at all times. Make sure they’re wearing an ID bracelet or have identification on them, just in case they wander.

Limit exposure to loud noises

The loud noises associated with fireworks can be distressing for individuals with dementia. Consider using noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs to reduce the impact of the sounds. Alternatively, you can choose to watch a quieter display from a distance.

Bonfire Night can be an enjoyable and inclusive event for elders with dementia when approached with care and planning. By choosing the right location, timing, and creating a comforting environment, you can help your loved one have a safe and memorable experience. Remember that their comfort and well-being should always be the top priority, and with these tips in mind, you can make Bonfire Night a special occasion for your entire family.

Discover quality care for your loved one

Home care and support for an older loved one can be a difficult topic to broach. It all starts with a conversation, and your local Radfield Home Care team are always on hand to have a chat and answer any questions you may have about care. To speak with your local team, click here to find care.


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