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Assistive technology – Radfield Assure

Radfield Home Care is a pioneer in the use of technology to provide next-level care and support.

Care is often about peace of mind and protection, we’re always looking for new ways to provide just that through Radfield Assure, our range of assistive technology services.

Having someone there in their home with them to provide support in a range of ways is often a very reassuring experience for older people. From companionship and personal care to nutrition and medication, it’s a relationship that brings many benefits. Unless live-in care is arranged, there are times when older people will find themselves on their own. That can be a cause for concern for them and their families. Let’s face it, we all know what it means to worry from time to time!

Radfield Assure

Radfield Assure is our selection of assistive technology solutions for providing next-level care and support. We offer a variety of innovative assistive technology solutions from our Radfield Assure line of services and products.

We’ve always been a leader in the introduction and use of technology to enhance the level of care we offer through Radfield Assure, our evolving range of assistive technology services. Like pretty much every other aspect of our lives, there are many benefits to new technology. It’s important to be clear about what these are and how they apply to every different situation. That’s why we use individual care plans to make sure we’re not using Radfield Assure technology for its own sake, but for a very clear purpose.

Please note we are continually testing and assessing technology to ensure that it is robust, fit for purpose and, most importantly, delivers real benefits to our clients and their families. To find out which Radfield Assure options may currently be available through your local Radfield Home Care, please get in touch and ask.

Daily check in system, OKEachDay

This system is based on a very simple check process carried out every day. OKEachDay may appeal to people who want the peace of mind provided by a regular check in. OKEachDay is perfect for older people who live on their own, who like to be in control, want to feel safer and want to help reassure friends and family.

How it works:

You are sent a smart new device with an OKEachDay button on it.

If you think OKEachDay could benefit yourself or someone close to you, contact your local Radfield Home Care office for a consultation and ask if OKEachDay is right for you.

Passive sensors

This works as a constant background check. Using passive sensors set up in the home, movement patterns and the use of devices are monitored on an ongoing basis. Over time this builds up a picture of daily life based on what typically happens. Then, if there is an unexpected change in behaviour that the system picks up, prompts can be given via an Alexa-style device – for example around medication or hydration.

Wearable devices

For those who need or want an additional level of protection and peace of mind, we use wearable devices such as pendant alarms or wrist worn alarms. These are designed to be easy and comfortable to wear, which means they are always readily available if required. Should an older person find themselves needing emergency support they simply press a button on their device, which puts them through to a dedicated helpline, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The helpline team will call family members first and, if they can’t get hold of anyone, they will call an ambulance.

Along with these services, our team is always reviewing and testing additional, emerging technologies to make sure we give our clients and their families the most effective and supportive care possible.

Want to know more about what great care means to us and, more importantly, what it could mean for you? Get in touch with your local Radfield team today and let’s have a chat about the ways Radfield Home Care can offer assistive technology support for older people.

Find support for Radfield Assure assistive technology care near you

We’d love to talk about ways we can help, get in touch with your local Radfield team today.

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