Radfield Homecare

Why choose us?

Why Choose Radfield?

Radfield carers are trained rigorously at all levels of practical care but where we excel is our approach of warmth, dignity and respect that encompasses the Radfield family culture.

Our carers are intuitive to your needs and are experts at knowing when you might want to spend time having a chat about your family or when you might be feeling uncomfortable in an intimate situation.

What makes Radfield Home Care different

  • Our founders, Hannah and Alex, had the rich experience of being raised in a care home amongst the older residents and therefore understand the needs of clients and the care industry better than anyone.
  • Hannah is a qualified GP and has a lifetime’s experience of caring for older people.
  • Radfield Home Care was established in continuation of the family care home business and family remains at the core of our values and culture.
  • We believe in and value our carers so much, that Hannah and Alex trusted the care of their grandparents, Lilian, Arthur, Joan and Trevor to the Radfield team.
  • We are responsive to all feedback and problems. As soon as we become aware of an issue, we deal with it to find a solution.
  • We use the latest technology solutions so that your well-being can be monitored in real-time by the office and family members, anywhere around the world.
  • You are always in control of your care. Our clients’ wishes are paramount and we provide the care that you wish to receive.
  • Radfield is the first UK health care business to have achieved B Corp certification status.
  • Our Caring for Carers pledge, means that Radfield stands out in our approach to ensuring our carers are well looked after, so that in turn they take care of clients in the best way possible.
  • Carers spend the full amount of time with you. Their travelling time is not taken out of your care visit.


"I started using Radfield nearly two years ago after I had taken a tumble at home. The carers are brilliant - they carefully and sympathetically listen to what you have to say.”
Christine Moyes, Worcester


How we take care of your supporting family

Communication and updates

Regular communication and updates are essential for family members’ peace of mind and our technology system allows access to care notes from anywhere in the world (small fee applies). Notes are always available in your home, to be read at any time by yourself and your family.

Support and information

Radfield care managers are always on hand to offer advice and support to family members, from information about legal responsibilities of care, to medication, future planning of care or as a reassuring emotional support.


“Thanks to all your carers who made a massive difference in mum’s life. She talks about all her carers with enormous affection and gratitude”
Paul B, Shrewsbury


How Radfield Takes Care of You

How we take care of you

Independence and control

Central to the Radfield values is an enabling approach to care. This means that we support and encourage you to do as much for yourself and make as many decisions for yourself as possible. We want you to retain your independence and feel in control - improving your quality of life.

Dignity and respect

You are always treated with the utmost respect by our carers to retain your dignity. Our carers are warm and friendly but are also trained to recognise where the acceptable level of informality lies, so that you are never made to feel uncomfortable in your own home.

Emotional support

Radfield understand that it can be isolating living alone or away from family, so we always act in your best interests and are on your side if you need support to deal with health care professionals.


“I personally cannot speak highly enough about the quality of care your staff provide on a daily basis during their home care visits. They show professionalism and sensitivity at all times. The management within the office is outstanding, and I have been helped and supported on a number of occasions when Valerie has needed extra care at very short notice. You have never let me down and have gone out of your way to satisfy my request and always provide the support and care that Valerie has depended upon. I want to thank you most profoundly as Valerie now moves into full time care. I will never forget all that you have done for us.”
Islay A, Worcester


What is takes to be a Radfield Carer

What it takes to be a Radfield carer

Radfield has a thorough recruitment process and we select only the most responsible and qualified carers that can uphold our values, and demonstrate their personality fit to our family culture.

Before hiring, we ask: would we trust them to look after our parents? Hannah and Alex have taken care of all their grandparents at Radfield Home care, so we can confidently say yes.

Carers undergo comprehensive training and are regularly supervised by our skilled team of supervisors, to ensure that their work is to the highest standard.

Carers must first achieve the Radfield standard in skills, such as:

  • communication
  • security in the home and adult protection
  • dementia care
  • health and safety, fire safety, first aid and food hygiene
  • medication training and competency assessment
  • practical moving and handling techniques
  • catheter care and infection control

We invest in and support our staff development as part of Radfield’s Caring for Carers pledge.

All of our carers are referenced and police checked, with no exceptions.


“Dawn, as a manager was great. She was supportive when needed and she always made us feel welcome to come to her with any problems. She was a lovely but firm manager, which is what you need. She praised us when we did things well and when we did something wrong she showed us how to be better carers. You learn from experience and mistakes.

Dawn was always pushing us to grow better as carers and gave us the right training when needed. She was a lovely manager to have.”
Taz Ahmed, Worcester

Radfield Home Care Standard of Skill

Our motivation to provide the best home care service:

  • Driving improvement in how people can live safely and independently at home as they grow older.
  • Challenging the stereotypes of ageing.
  • Helping to tackle loneliness amongst older people but also amongst working age people too.
  • Providing good employment opportunities and progression opportunities and supporting staff to develop their skills and watching them succeed.


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