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Watch: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Care

29 July 2019

Local News

Written byLisa Cable

Watch: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Care

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Are you considering care for a loved one but not sure between home care and a care home? Maybe you are overwhelmed with information and don’t know where to start. Sometimes a care home is more suited to your needs, and other times home care may be the most suitable option. However, it depends on each individual’s situation.

In this video this week we explain the main advantages and disadvantages of Home Care by delving into what it provides for a client. Jennie Bardrick goes into detail about the pros and cons of a Home Care service.

A bit about home care

Home care is increasing in popularity as people want to remain independent and stay in their own home. We all know that home tends to be the most familiar place to an individual and where they are happiest, and contains lots of memories.

While living at home still, an individual could have regular visits from a home carer to support them living independently, and provide structure to their day with meals at regular times for example.

When introducing care in the home, the house can have adaptations and aids introduced to support the individual to stay at home longer.or example a stair lift, grab rails, etc. You could also consider the use of technology, e.g. a pendant alarm they could press in an emergency.

While living at home a person could also attend day centres or community events to stay active and reduce social isolation.

The advantages of home care:

  • The client gets to remain at home
  • The individual is able to stay living in familiar surroundings
  • It is possible to retain more control over what care is received and when
  • The value of your home isn’t taken into account when calculating how much you have to pay towards your care
  • Social interaction with friends family and the community can continue

The disadvantages of home care:

  • Living at home can still be lonely depending on the level of care received and the family and friends around you
  • The person’s safety could be at risk while they are alone, even if there is technology in place (e.g. emergency alarms may not be pressed)
  • Sometimes the individual may be resistant to having people in the home and feel vulnerable

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Lisa Cable

Lisa Cable

Director & Owner

An experienced business manager, Lisa oversees the operations and direction of Radfield Home Care Havering and Romford.

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