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Engaging activities for people with memory impairment

7 December 2023

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Written byNicky Haswell

Engaging activities for people with memory impairment

As Care Professionals at Radfield Home Care, we understand the struggle of seeing loved ones experience impaired memory and the challenge it presents, particularly when trying to maintain their active engagement in tasks they once mastered. We witness frustrations commonly shared by the individuals under our care and their loved ones in Camberley as they grapple with the right balance of stimulating and manageable activities. Hence, this well-guided journey through our recommended activities will offer some invaluable insights into tackling this common issue in home care in the UK.

The crucial role of stimulating activities in home care

For over 40 years, Radfield Home Care has championed for a balance between delivering essential care and understanding what recipients truly desire. In our typical daily routines at Radfield Home Care Camberley, Farnborough & Fleet, we’ve emphasised that mentally stimulating activities are as crucial as the care given. These activities don’t just uplift emotional and social well-being, but they also slow cognitive decline, thereby enhancing the overall quality of life for the individuals under our care.

Adapting activities to individual needs

Activity adaptation is a fundamental part of our service at Radfield; an aspect we believe sets us apart within the home care sphere. We appreciate that listening to music or engaging in gentle exercises might appear mundane, but these simple pleasures can bring about significant relaxation and soothe agitation. Similarly, crafts appropriately tailored to each person’s ability can offer a rewarding sense of accomplishment.

Visual stimulation activities like sorting and matching buttons or colourful clothes pegs help maintain dexterity and coordination. For anxious hands, a box filled with small sensory ‘fiddle’ toys can be incredibly occupying and soothing.

Home Care Professionals Improving memory impairment with fiddle boxes or memory boxes

Inclusion: Our mantra for enhanced wellbeing

Our collective experience as Care Professionals has taught us that isolating feelings exacerbate the struggles faced by individuals living with dementia. Our Camberley care team strives to ensure these individuals feel included and valued. Through our tailored activity plans, we work not just to prevent feelings of isolation, but by doing so, we also enhance the overall well-being of the individuals under our care. Their enriched quality of life is our primary mission at Radfield Home Care as we work to make ageing a more enjoyable and rewarding experience for all involved.

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