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Keeping cool – frozen jelly grape recipe

14 June 2023

Local News

Written byKaren Knapp

Keeping cool – frozen jelly grape recipe

At Radfield Home Care Epsom & Leatherhead we’ve come across a really simple and tasty recipe to help keep you hydrated, cool and wanting more!

During one of our very hot afternoons having smothered the kids in sun lotion and distributed the ice lollies, my friend popped out with a pot of what looked like frozen berries. With sensitive teeth, I’m not usually a fan of anything frozen I need to bite but with her insistence it would be worth it, I gave it a go!

They were so good, they tasted just like sweets but to my amazement, it was just red grapes and some flavoured jelly granules. Now, because I rarely switch off from my love and passion for care in the community I instantly thought… I must share this!

The importance of hydration for older people

You may or may not know that not everyone’s body handles the heat the same, some people are more vulnerable than others, particularly those of us who are getting older.

It’s common to lose your appetite when it’s so hot and we forget to eat and drink properly. As you reach your older years you are at a higher risk of dehydration, heat exhaustion and heatstroke, so here’s a little something to help keep you cool and hydrated that tastes better than a cucumber (in my opinion!). This simple but yummy recipe has transformed my hot weather ‘go-to’ snack!

Jelly frozen grapes recipe

Frozen Jelly Grapes Recipe

What you need:
Red Grapes
Flavoured jelly crystals (I used strawberry flavour)

1) Take all the grapes off the vine
2) Place them in a colander and rinse under cold water
3) Shake most of the excess water off
4) Place into a bowl (freezer suitable) and sprinkle some of the jelly crystals over the grapes and give them a good shake
5) Repeat this again a couple more times until you have used all the sachet of jelly crystals
6) Place in the freezer for a couple of hours to let them freeze
7) Enjoy!

Frozen jelly grapes prepared

Nutrition and hydration care in Epsom & Leatherhead

I hope you love this simple hydration-friendly recipe as much as me. You can keep them in the freezer and just get a few out at a time to suit. Try not to eat the whole bowl in one go though!

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Karen Knapp

Karen Knapp

Director & Owner

Karen’s natural affinity for care and nurturing relationships makes her perfect for the home care sector, where she can help the local community age well and remain connected to what matters most.

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