Radfield Home Care Attends Hoarding Training to Improve Client Care

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radfield attends hoarding training client care  

Radfield Home Care Richmond, Kingston, and Hounslow attended a training session on hoarding held by Hoarding Disorders UK.

The non-profit organisation provided training on spotting hoarding behaviours, strategising short-term solutions and continuing that support over the long-term.

The registered Care Manager for Radfield Home Care, Magdalena Zieba, attended the training intended to better care for her clients. She said:

“The training focused on helping people who show hoarding behaviours whilst respecting their emotions and values. I gained a better understanding of hoarding behavior, and I am ready to help others who struggle with organising and decluttering their houses so that they can feel at home again.”


radfield hoarding training attendees 

Picture: Attendees at the hoarding training

The training session began by defining hoarding as an accumulation of possessions due to the excessive acquisition of or difficulty discarding possessions, regardless of the actual value. Accumulation of possessions results in living spaces becoming cluttered to the point that their use or safety is compromised.


living room of a hoarder 

Picture: Living room of a hoarder

The organisation explained the different levels of hoarding and said causes can include: depression, autism, bereavement, abuse, and chronic disorganisation.

Jo Cooke, Hoarding Disorders UK, explained ”it’s about making sure we are not doing more harm than good. We don’t rush in these situations as it’s about the person being first and the things being second. We are in their homes so we need to make sure we understand what is important to them”.


hoarding training to improve client care 

Picture from left to right: Heather Matuozzo from Clouds End CIC, Jo Cooke from Hoarding Disorders UK CIC and Cherry Rudge from Rainbow Red

Owner and Director of the Radfield Home Care branch, Shamsah Lalji, said:

“the training is important so that we can support our clients and help them live in a safe environment.”


Many people suffer as a result of hoarding because they cannot carry out certain activities within their home, the organisation said during the session.

According to the NHS, hoarding seriously affects one to two people in every 100 in the UK. It adds that objects most commonly hoarded are newspapers and magazines, books, clothes and receipts.

Traits like perfectionism, over-thinking, fear of loss, over-categorising and a lack of organisation were common characteristics among people who hoarded.

An app used to identify hoarding is Clutter Image Ratings, a system used around the world to gauge the degree of hoarding in a home.

For more information, please contact Hoarding Disorders UK (https://hoardingdisordersuk.org/).

If you would like to know more about the services that Radfield Home Care Richmond, Kingston, and Hounslow offer, please contact them at 02086 109 778 or richmond.kingston@radfieldhomecare.co.uk.

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