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Barnet home care enhancing quality of life: A dementia support case study

16 February 2024

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Written byAndrea Daley

Barnet home care enhancing quality of life: A dementia support case study

At Radfield Home Care Barnet & Finchley, we pride ourselves in offering an exceptional standard of private care services, focusing on understanding and prioritising the individual needs of each client. One such case that underlines this personalised approach to care is Diana, who was referred to us by her daughters via a McCarthy Stone Retirement Apartment Manager in Barnet.

Diana’s struggles and initial engagement

Diana, an older vulnerable adult, is living independently but confronting challenges associated with Semantic Dementia, cholesterol, sciatica and mottled skin. Semantic Dementia is an affliction causing memory loss for words, interrupting communication skills, behaviour and personality changes. This condition presented unique complexities for both Diana and her family, who were grappling to understand and manage her situation. On referral to us, the care team at Radfield Home Care Barnet & Finchley was entrusted to provide meal preparation assistance, companionship and interactive activities to mitigate the effects of Diana’s dementia.

A client participating in activities that support dementia care

Holistic approach towards Diana’s care

Our dementia awareness trained Care Professionals successfully developed trust with Diana, leveraging body language, visual cues, and expression. A pinnacle of our strategy was a creation of name tags ornamented with flowers and smiley faces, a simple, yet effective method offering Diana basic communication aid. In no time, we proved our commitment and reliability, prompting Diana’s family to extend the service from one-hour to two-hours per session. The extended time allowed for more activities like games, walks around the garden, administering pain-relief medication for sciatica and, importantly, encouraging participation in social events at her apartment complex.

Diana’s care package transcended medical attention, integrating observations about her physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being into her care plan. The core drive for our Care Professionals is the total well-being and happiness of our clients, something that reflects in instances as Diana’s.

Positive outcomes and effective home care

There is profound satisfaction in witnessing the impact of our work. Diana’s delightful responses to our caregiver visits – spontaneous hugs and bright smiles – are a testament to the quality care we deliver. Beyond the immediate wellbeing of Diana, the comfort and reassurance it provided her daughters were another crucial outcome. Diana’s daughter’s testimony, expressing their trust and satisfaction in our approach and assistance, reinforces the exceptional standards by which Radfield Home Care operates.

Diana’s daughter said:

“Radfield Home Care Barnet’s services have proven invaluable not only to Mum but to us daughters as well. The Care Professionals’ compassion, diligence and understanding offer us peace of mind, knowing Mum is in capable hands.”

Quality home care services at Radfield Home Care Barnet

With a care legacy spanning over 40 years, Radfield Home Care has evolved into a leading provider of premium private home care in the UK. We believe in championing care that people want as well as need, to help our ageing society stay connected to meaningful experiences and personal joys. To discover our full range of care services click here or, if you simply want a chat about the options available, call our friendly care team on 020 8064 2920


Andrea Daley

Andrea Daley

Registered Care Manager

Andrea is responsible for the day-to-day running of the office in line with CQC regulations to ensure that the service is safe, caring, responsive and effective.

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