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Charlotte Reed Radfield Home Care Havering & Brentwood

I wanted to share with you my story of care, motivation and how I became a Radfield carer.

Ever since I was a young girl, I wanted to work doing some form of care, starting off playing nurses to wanting to follow in my uncle’s footsteps of being a paramedic. I listened to his stories of his day and admired the work he did, especially when I saw him many times in the newspaper, or in action in his job. He was a gentle giant, my nan's blue-eyed boy, and an amazing paramedic. If I could be half the person he was, I’d be happy.

When I left school, I studied health and social care at college, working in a pub part-time in the evenings - I knew from the start this job was never for me. I enjoyed my college course, the knowledge and practical skills I learned during that year was the basis of where I was to end up.

In 2012 my uncle passed away, he had a service funeral from the London ambulance service. It was standing there surrounded by compassionate, caring, lifesaving paramedics that I knew care was my calling. From that day I vowed to work my hardest and to make my uncle proud, this is and always has been my motivation.

I started off at a home care company, I had very little confidence and was quite shy. I was lucky enough to secure a job in my local hospital, which is where I worked for three years. During this time, I gained confidence, knowledge, and skills which I still use today. I went from here to several care companies, it was then I found Radfield.

I have loved working in care from day one, it’s a great pleasure when you put a smile on a client’s face, to know that you are the one who has made their day better.

This company Is where I know I will stay, in fact, I knew this on my first day. The care they provide to the staff and clients is unbelievable. I have never worked for a company with so much passion and dedication to the care service. I know that the work I do, the effort I put in, and the dedication I have in my role that I’d make my Uncle proud.

Charlotte Reed Radfield Home Care

I am proud to be a Radfield carer.

Charlotte Reed

Charlotte Reed
Radfield Home Care Havering & Brentwood

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