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Alzheimer’s Society issues new checklist to help detect dementia

20 May 2022

Local News

Written byLisa Cable

Alzheimer’s Society issues new checklist to help detect dementia

We are on a mission to support your loved ones in our local community. We want to help them age well and remain connected to what matters most to them. We aim to achieve this by sharing information to enable you and us to Be There for your loved ones as they age.

The Alzheimer’s Society has issued a new checklist to help people identify dementia symptoms earlier and access help and support sooner. One in four people living with dementia have symptoms for two years before a diagnosis.

A dementia diagnosis can get delayed because the people impacted and their families believe that the symptoms are just a normal part of ageing. 42% of people in a recent survey reported this was the reason that they didn’t seek support sooner, leading to 26% of people waiting more than two years before getting a diagnosis. Many still only get diagnosed with dementia when they reach a crisis point.

People who are concerned about themselves or other people are encouraged to complete the checklist to identify any areas of concern and keep track of symptoms regularly. The free tool is a simple yet effective way to help people and their families to communicate with their GP and other health professionals.

The Checklist

The checklist covers three key symptoms of dementia and asks specific questions about the person’s lived experience concerning:

  • Memory and mental ability problems
  • Problem with daily living activities
  • Mood and behaviour problems

Be Yourself, Be Connected, Be Inspired: If you are worried about yourself or a loved one, please click on the Alzheimer’s Society checklist link. The checklist is a valuable resource and will help you and your loved one discuss the essential issues impacting them.


Lisa Cable

Lisa Cable

Director & Owner

An experienced business manager, Lisa oversees the operations and direction of Radfield Home Care Havering and Romford.

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