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As a Care Professional do you need to learn to relax your mind?

3 March 2022

Local News

Written byLisa Cable

As a Care Professional do you need to learn to relax your mind?

At Radfield Home Care Havering & Brentwood, we are committed to empowering our Care Professionals. As well as supporting clients and their families, we believe it’s just as important to take care of our caregivers. After all, how can we provide the best possible service to someone’s parents/loved ones if we ourselves don’t feel in good condition? With this in mind, we wanted to remind you about the importance of relaxation.

Do you need to relax your body or mind?

The answer of course could be both, but the right type of relaxation is important if we are to get the most benefit. Often the remedy for physical and mental tiredness or stress is to sit down, sleep or have a bath. All activities that require very little (if any) physical exertion and help support the relaxation of the body.

But what if it is your mind that needs the relaxation? If this is the case then you may be ‘relaxing’, whilst also overthinking the events of the day. Which might defeat the purpose altogether!

If you need an emotional break from the demands of your job, worrying about your own ageing parents or helping the kids with their assignments then physical rest can help, but it is a very indirect route to relaxing your mind.

What forms of relaxation are best for the mind?

Laughter might be the best medicine. Watching a TV show that makes you laugh, chatting to someone that will have you howling about something in seconds or turning the events of the day into a humorous story you can share (we all have that friend that can make day to day life seem like a comedy!).

Activities that allow you to switch off your brain are also a good option. Reading a book, playing a game on your phone (I know I have ‘relaxed’ for many hours playing Candy Crush) or watching a movie.

Be There Action: Think about the reason that you need to relax and pick the best activity for you. Remember it is not a one size fits all approach, for me meditation makes me overthink, so I am much better playing Candy Crush.

If you’d like to learn more about the role of Care Professional and how you can help others, head on over to our Care Jobs page to find out how you can start your career in care.


Lisa Cable

Lisa Cable

Director & Owner

An experienced business manager, Lisa oversees the operations and direction of Radfield Home Care Havering and Romford.

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