Havering - We Are Family

Jennie Bardrick Read 1832 times

One of the core values of Radfield Home Care is ‘We are a Family’.

Radfield Home Care Core Values

The great part about the Radfield Home Care Havering & Brentwood branch is that we are actually family! Jennie and Lisa are cousins and have grown up together since Jennie was a baby (yes, Jennie is the younger one!).

To explain our complicated family is a long story, but the relative that bought us all together and will always be close to our hearts is our dear ‘Nanny Fish’. Her real name is Eileen Margery Mabel Fishenden (hence Nanny Fish for short!). Nan was a big fan of playing cards, doing the gardening and watching sport. We would always go round for a family roast on a Sunday and get treated to 4 squares of chocolate!

We feel that as part of Radfield Home Care Havering & Brentwood, we are welcoming people into our family and will treat our clients and colleagues in this way.

We can’t wait to meet people out and about in the Havering and Brentwood communities and start building a great, big, happy family!