Fancy a game of cards? How to keep an active mind

Lisa Cable Read 1706 times

Cards were always a huge part of our family life and every Sunday we would play with Nanny Fish and Auntie Eileen as Nan cooked the roast and Eileen one of her special Apple pies. We will always remember the many years of fun and laughter that we had on those days and of course Nan’s competitive streak!

Nanny Fish Auntie Eileen Playing Cards

That competitive streak never really dwindled and playing cards served as a way for Nan to keep her mind active and engaged. Age UK has recently launched the ‘Staying Sharp’ campaign which focuses on the increasing evidence that people need to focus on their brain health, as well as their physical health. As part of this campaign, Dr Alan Glow of Heriot-Watt university has studied the evidence which shows that people who undertake mentally stimulating activity have better thinking skills as they get older.

When people think about home care they often think about personal care, where people need support with washing and dressing and with other personal activities. However, not everyone needs this level of support and someone to help with the shopping, play a game of scrabble, take a trip to the church or just have a good natter can really help people retain a positive outlook and be independent for longer. 

Do you know anyone that would fancy and benefit from a game of cards?

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For more information on Staying Sharp - a superb resource for elderly people concerned about losing their thinking skills as they grow older and reduce chances of developing a devastating disease like dementia please reference their website ageuk.org.uk/health-wellbeing/staying-sharp/.