Our Client Advocacy Delivers Peace Of Mind To Families

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At Radfield Home Care, we like to go above and beyond for our clients.


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Radfield home care - client assessment at home.

More often than not, we receive phone calls from family members who are looking for care for their parents. As we get to know family members better over time, it becomes more and more apparent that they are not only caring for their parents, but they also have the responsibility of their own children living at home. Managing parents care, supporting their children and the demands of work, can sometimes become extremely challenging.

At Radfield we aim to bring peace of mind when caring for your family and loved ones, so you know at all times that they are happy, healthy and living independently. Part of this is helping families understand the complex health and social care landscape. Sometimes it’s difficult to know what you are entitled to and who to call when help is needed, so our aim is to remove this burden and help with some of these challenges.


At Home Care - Tailored to Your Families Needs

Our Care Manager, Natalea Haydon has nine years experience in the care sector and holds a wealth of care knowledge.

Natalea says, “When we meet a potential client for the first time, we visit and assess their needs in their own home, to ensure it is set up in a way that allows the individual to live independently at home. Sometimes a client may need some adaptations made to their home, for example, grab rails or a stair lift installed. When we identify these needs with the family, we aim to take as much of the burden away from them by arranging an assessment with the occupational therapist to make the necessary arrangements.

We also liaise with local district nurses on behalf of our clients, to ensure they have the right medication, treatment and support equipment to deal with their individual health needs.”


How does Funding for Home Care Work?

Some families are entitled to financial support from their local authority to help pay for their care. In situations such as these, we would make contact with social services to arrange a meeting and continually monitor the process to get this completed as quickly as possible. We also would attend this meeting if required, to provide the support and knowledge needed if the family so wishes.

Finally, we feel it’s really important to build good relationships with healthcare professionals’ such as our clients’ GP and local pharmacy when appropriate, particularly if we are supporting clients with their medication and health conditions.


Holistic Approach - More Than Just Care

Ultimately, this means we are able to bring a more holistic approach to our clients’ care to ensure that we are all working towards the same goal of a happy and healthy life. Our hope is that this then allows our clients’ families to focus their time on spending quality time with their loved ones and have that peace of mind that they are living independently, safe and happy.

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