Yvonne’s Story - Carer

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yvonne s story carer 

In 2009, Yvonne started to care for her Dad a few days a week. She showered him, washed his clothes and did basic housework to help her Dad out. We asked Yvonne why she started to care.


Why Do You Care?

Yvonne explained,

“I started off working in an office but it wasn’t for me. Caring for Dad inspired me to get into care, it’s in my nature to care for others. I like to meet different people with different personalities, it’s very interesting.”


Previously, Yvonne used to work for Social Services, working with under 5-year-olds, however, she preferred working with older people.

Yvonne gives 110% when caring for her clients. When working, she doesn't like to rush her clients because sometimes the client may not have any contact for most of the day, so Yvonne likes to take her time to speak to them and understand how their day has been. Yvonne explains,

By chatting to the client, it makes them feel at ease, relaxed and cared about.

Yvonne also enjoys listening and laughing with clients because the clients love to hear and share stories. You get a lot of joy out of talking about something funny because of the reaction that you get - it’s like you’re brightening their day. Yvonne loves meeting different characters and personalities in her role as a carer and finding out about her client’s lives - Yvonne adds, “I get a lot of joy out of helping the community.”


Other than work, Yvonne walks her two dogs, goes to church, socialises with her friends and family, and takes her little boy to football practice. In the future, she would like to foster. At the moment she has 5 children so she is a very active person!


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