Yvonne’s Story: A Day in the Life of a Radfield Carer

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a day in the life of a radfield carer 

We also previously written about our Carer Yvonne and talked about her journey to become a Radfield carer.

In this week's post, we asked Yvonne what her typical day being a carer was like?


What is your typical day as a carer?

I’m an early riser anyway, so I like getting up early, getting ready and jumping in the car to complete my morning calls. I don't like to rush it, I like to have a meaningful conversation with my clients whilst caring for them, so they don’t feel like I’m rushing to get out of their home.

Before caring for someone, I always make sure that they are feeling comfortable and relaxed and provide consent to receive the care. During the morning calls, I might help someone out of bed, support them with washing and dressing. I may prepare their breakfast and administer their medication. Throughout the visit, I like to a chat with my clients and build a special relationship with them and get to know them well.

Before I leave, I make sure that my client is happy with everything and I ask if they need any help with anything more. The most rewarding thing is walking away and knowing I have made a difference in their lives. I love laughing with my clients and putting a smile on their face.

When I carry out a bedtime visit to a client’s home, I again spend time with my client to understand how they are and how their day has been. I make sure they have a drink to hand and help them get ready for bed, and have brushed their teeth, etc. If needed, I provide assistance with getting into bed and I make sure their pillows are comfortable for them. I always make sure they have the lights left on, just how they like it, and that they have their personal alarms, phone and a drink to hand.

Before I leave, I have a little conversation with them because I realise that I’m the last contact that they will have until the next morning. I also leave a handover note via our software for the next carer in the morning, if required. I always ensure I check their homes are fully locked up and they are secure, so I have the peace of mind that they are safe at home.


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