10 Year Radfield Work Anniversary Celebrations

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lynn brown 10 year radfield work anniversary celebrations 

On Wednesday 5th October, the Radfield national office and Shrewsbury branch team all came together to celebrate Radfield’s finance assistant, Lynn Brown’s 10th year work anniversary.

Reaching an important milestone, Lynn joined Radfield in 2008, when the Radfield Home Care journey began, based in Shrewsbury. Lynn explains, “I had known for some time that I wanted to enter into the care sector, and after leaving my previous Monday to Friday job I finally had the opportunity to follow that path. Having looked through numerous positions, I came across a family run Residential Home in Kennedy Road. I started to read the story of how a brother and sister, Hannah and Alex, had branched out to start domiciliary care and thought this feels right for me. At the bottom of the advertisement an expiry date to apply loomed out at me, and by which time that date had passed, my heart dropped. I hesitated, and then thought, I am still going to see if I can apply. I picked up the phone, and to my relief we arranged for an interview. I actually came off the phone and said Yessss, as I punched the air.”

“I had my interview with Hannah and Alex in a garage conversion attached to the main Home. I remember Hannah asking me about my availability for work, and I replied confidently... I am available Monday to Friday.. what about Saturday and Sunday Hannah asked. I must have had a blank expression on my face, as Hannah then said care still carries on over the weekend... never thought of that I said, being used to Monday to Friday job. This did not hold me back and I was fortunate to be given a position as a carer.”

Throughout my 10 years with Radfield, both Hannah & Alex have shown dedication, and respect to both clients, carers, staff. On a personal level, they have certainly supported me through some difficult times. I  am so grateful that I found that special advertisement!”

With a very lovely speech from Alex Green, director, Lyn’s surprise 10th work anniversary celebrations were enjoyed by all. The office was decorated with balloons and bunting, with a celebration cake, flowers and a bottle of bubbly for Lynn to enjoy, with sandwiches and treats for everyone. A special day to be remembered!

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