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John, Eileen & Jamie’s big day out at the football!

11 November 2022

Local News

Written byOwain Farrington

John, Eileen & Jamie’s big day out at the football!

Shrewsbury is mostly renowned for its cobbled streets, tudor buildings and a past steeped in history. But, for football fans, it’s home to Shrewsbury Town Football Club (STFC), also known as Salop. STFC are a League One team with a fiercely loyal set of fans and are famous for their ability to create an electric atmosphere.

Three of those fans are our beloved clients, John, Eileen and Jamie.

Keeping care clients connected to football

We are on a mission to keep people connected to the things that matter most to them and part of that is giving our clients the chance to do something they haven’t been able to do for a long time. That’s where the football comes in.

John hadn’t been to a game for over 20 years, Eileen used to go to matches with her son and Jamie just really loves football. STFC were kind enough to arrange our tickets and they made sure we had good seats. By good seats, I mean we were pitch side!

We were there to see Shrewsbury Town vs Charlton Athletic alongside six thousand other fans. The crowd were absolutely fantastic and the game itself was excellent. Unfortunately STFC didn’t come away with a win but they put on a good show and gave it their all.

Despite the loss, spirits were high and our clients had a truly wonderful day (which of course is the most important thing!) John, Eileen and Jamie were accompanied by some of our care team; Karen, Sonya, Lewis and Graham.

Shrewsbury day out

All three clients had their parts to play in making the day a great experience. John was chanting for the players and the referee, Eileen was over the moon as her son was in the stand next door and Jamie gave Karen a good lesson in the off-side rule.

A heartwarming experience

At half time John mentioned that he couldn’t remember the last time he had the chance to grab a hot dog, so, we bought him one. Sometimes it’s little things like treating someone to a hot dog at a football game that can really make a person’s day. As we mentioned, it had been 20 years since he had last been to a game and just seeing his face was enough to melt your heart.

Sonya took him home after the game and he couldn’t stop talking about it and the next day he was telling his Care Professionals all about it.

“I had a brilliant day, it was fantastic to get out of the house and see a game and I would love the opportunity to go again.”

Hot dog john

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Owain Farrington

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