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Radfield care professionals rewarded for excellence in care

4 December 2020

Local News

Written byPhil MacKechnie

Radfield care professionals rewarded for excellence in care

SHR Radfield care professionals rewarded for excellence in care Hero Image

Pictured: Radfield Home Care Shrewsbury and Oswestry care professional ‘spa at home box’, bubbles, medal and personalised card.

Radfield Home Care Shrewsbury and Oswestry has had the pleasure of rewarding their team of care professionals with a range of ‘at home’ spa treats and a medal of recognition for their dedication to care excellence this year.

For Sonya Cole, registered care manager of Radfield Home Care Shrewsbury and Oswestry it felt like a fitting tribute to the work the care professional team had done throughout the year, particularly in light of the impact the Covid crisis has had on the social care sector:

“All of the carers have been absolutely outstanding, I’ve always received so much support from them and they have worked so hard. They’ve always put in 100 percent and I wanted to give them something that recognised this – that placed an emphasis on them taking time to look after themselves too. I hoped that they would be able to take some time to treat themselves and relax.”


In order to make sure the carer reward hit the relaxation spot, Sonya asked the team what would really help them to unwind when they finished for the day – the result was a fantastic ‘spa at home’ idea that Sonya was keen to run with:

“It was really important to provide something that allowed our care assistants to relax, everything helps during this busy uncertain time. Following feedback from the team, I came up with the idea of a spa treatment pack that quickly took the form of a ‘spa at home’ box, including a bottle of bubbly. The box contained a candle and range of spa products – enough for each carer to have a couple of nights of much deserved pampering at home.”


Carers not only received a spa at home box, but also an award, designed to be a lasting memento of their dedication and commitment during Covid:

“When I initially asked the carers what they might like, it became apparent that many rightly felt they would like something that represented the challenging times we had all worked through together as a team – something that was longer lasting and could be looked back upon with pride, by themselves and family members in the future. That was where the idea of the medal came from.

Ultimately the reason for the rewards were twofold, the relaxation present where they could receive some deserved rest and the medal for recognition of what they had done and what they are doing now. They are still outstanding and doing what they need to do, I couldn’t ask for more.”


The gifts were received well by the team, with care professional Naomi, emailing to thank Sonya for the effort Radfield had gone to:

“I have only been a member of the team for a few months, but I feel so welcome and supported, I love my position. The hamper was such a lovely gift at such an uncertain time, it makes you feel so appreciated in these difficult times and as for the personalised card, it just made my want to cry as I try my best and give my all to the clients and that card just makes it all worth while knowing the company feels that I’m doing a great job.”


SHR Radfield care professionals rewarded for excellence in care Hero Image 1

Pictured: Radfield Home Care Shrewsbury and Oswestry home care professional Naomi with her ‘spa at home’ box, bubbles and medal.

If you would like to find out more about Radfield Home Care jobs and how you can join the team, you can visit www.radfieldhomecare.co.uk or contact the office directly [email protected] or 01743 245 555.


Phil MacKechnie

Phil MacKechnie

Franchise Development Director

My passion is to help home care business owners start and grow their businesses and promote Radfield’s purpose and mission.

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