Royal Shrewsbury Hospital Celebrates Royal Wedding

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royal shrewsbury hospital celebrates royal wedding

Following an extremely successful sponsorship known as ‘The Butterfly Effect’ at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital (RSH), the Radfield  Shrewsbury branch team have been regularly supporting the ‘Golden Moments’ dementia cafe at RSH, which provides ongoing support and activities for patients and outpatients with dementia.

The cafe opened in April 2017, following a successful launch of the ‘Precious Moments’ dementia cafe’ at The Princess Royal Hospital in Telford (PRH), run by Karen Breese, Dementia Specialist Nurse and her team.

On Tuesday 14th May, the dementia team at RSH and the Radfield team came together and put on a wonderful afternoon tea ‘royal wedding’ celebration, where many patients, their carer’s and visitors came together and enjoyed freshly baked cakes, tea, and coffee, donated by Radfield Home Care, with music from the past and activities that were enjoyed by everyone involved.

Natalie Trafene, care manager for Radfield commented, “What a wonderful afternoon we all had. It’s so lovely to see everyone come together and enjoy each other’s company, it felt like one big happy family! Chatting, dancing, enjoying the freshly baked scones...we feel very proud to be supporting something very special at the hospital.”

Karen Breese, Dementia Specialist Nurse

Karen Breese, Dementia Specialist Nurse and Team, with Radfield Home Care staff

Karen Breese, Dementia Specialist Nurse commented, “Working in partnership with Radfield is a privilege. We have worked together to develop the Dementia Café into fun-filled afternoons, where patients, outpatients and their carer’s can come together for a chat over a cup of tea and share their stories.”

RSH patients and carers with Dione Morris

Royal Shrewsbury Hospital  patients and carers with Dione Morris, Dementia support worker RSH

Sarah Selley, dementia support worker commented, “We find the dementia cafes so rewarding. It brings families together, which is so important and with the help of the Radfield Staff, it means we can focus on our patient's needs, whilst the Radfield team rally around making cups of tea and chatting to everyone.”

The dementia cafe is held on ward 22 GYM on the first and third Tuesday of every month, and everyone is welcome.

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