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I wanted to share with you the story behind how I became a valued member of the Radfield  home care team in Stafford and the inspiration behind me becoming a carer.

 carol crick, carer story

Making a Difference From An Early Age

When I first left school, I worked in a salon training to be a hairdresser. Once fully qualified, I became a mobile hairdresser for the elderly and disabled; enabling me to give something back to the community was something that I loved from an early age.

Following my time as a mobile hairdresser, I then worked for 12 years as a Day Centre Officer in a residential home for young adults with severe disabilities which I loved. This was then followed by 18 years as a Bus Driver for Arriva. Both jobs, allowed me to interact with people and have an active role in the community. Working closely with people on a daily basis is something that I love to do.

carol crick arriva bus

Carol Crick, in her Arriva  days. 

I heard about Radfield Home Care through my own grown-up children, who had friends working for the company already. As soon as I spoke to them about the opportunities, I immediately applied for the position as a carer. I instantly realised that Radfield takes the quality of care they provide very seriously, with extremely high standards.

Their clients and families are treated with the utmost importance when putting together a care plan, and the training and support that Radfield has provided, has given me the confidence and skills to do my job to the best of my ability.

I am hugely passionate about history and have been a member of The National Trust for many years. I love spending my free time visiting the various properties around the country and learning about their history. This passion of mine has created a very special bond with one of our clients, Pat, who I love to spend time with chatting about Roman history and sharing my recent trips to Pompeii and Herculaneum.


carol crick zip wire

Carol completing her zip wire challenge.

As well as a passion for history, I am an active member of The Stafford and Stone Guide Dog Association. Along with my husband, we help to arrange fundraising events and most recently have been involved in the organisation of a zip-wire challenge in Snowdonia, Wales, which was great fun.

Working for Radfield Home Care gives me a sense of achievement. I feel that as the aging population increases, we have a duty to provide people with the opportunity to remain within the safety of their own homes amongst the people who care and love them.

I love that in some small way, I am able to make a difference and bring happiness, comfort, and peace of mind to the people I meet.


carol crick 300px

Carol Crick
Radfield Home Care Stafford

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