New Carers Form a Special Friendship at our Stafford Branch

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Radfield Home Care has always placed family values at the forefront of its business. The directors of the company Dr Hannah MacKechnie and Alex Green are siblings and these familial links are evident throughout the company and its branches.

One of the key attributes in working for Radfield Home Care is that our employees are part of our family. Our branches are places where carers are encouraged to get support if they need to and a place to form friendships.

This is what has been happening at the Stafford Branch over the past few weeks. Since they attended the specialist care training together, Natasha, Carol, Emma, Alex and Louise have been forming a friendship that has caught the eye of the Branch Manager, Melissa Morgan.
Melissa commented, ‘It’s great to see our new flock of carers always asking about each other and looking out for one another. That is what is so great about a career in the care industry. People with such varied backgrounds are now working alongside each other to provide a valued service in the community’.

Carol has worked in many different fields, most notably as a bus driver for the past eighteen years, before deciding to join Radfield. Although Carol has previously worked in a residential care environment for 12 years, she is finding the quality of care that Radfield provide to be second to none. After hearing about the company through her daughter Hannah who has previously worked for us here at Radfield, she felt it was time for a career change.

Carol added, “Myself & Louise, a carer who started at the same time as me, have been out on a double up run. Although it was tricky at times we helped each other through and I think we did a great job in the end.”

Another of Carol’s daughters, Emma, also began working for Radfield at the same time as her mum, another example of the familial links that are part and parcel of the company. Emma has always worked in the Care Sector, and at one stage worked at St Joseph’s Convent in Stafford.

Emma commented, “Radfield is a great care company with extremely high standards. I’m really enjoying working here and all of the clients and staff are nice and friendly which makes the job so much more pleasurable. If I had to sum up how I felt working here, I would say it’s like a little family.”
Alex, who is one of the branch’s youngest carers, applied for the position after learning of the opportunity through his mum Jody. Jody is part of the office branch team and felt that her son would be perfect as a carer. Alex has worked in a variety of jobs; self-employed construction and UK Mail’s Stafford warehouse, but has certainly found his feet at Radfield.

He commented, “I really like the independence of travelling around and the sense of helping the community. The shift patterns are much better than my previous jobs so I’m enjoying working here. The job is very rewarding.”

Louise, whose husband is a Paramedic, found herself wanting to try her hand in the Care Sector after seeing how much her husband enjoyed his job. After 35 years experience in office work, Louise now holds down two positions working in a Tanning Salon as well as a carer for Radfield Home Care. The flexibility of the position is something that Louise enjoys and although she says that some aspects of care work are challenging, she is determined to give it her best shot.

She commented, Radfield are a kind caring company, where all the clients are well looked after.”

Natasha, who has previous worked for JCB as a Powder Coater and most recently in her local Chip Shop, has settled in very quickly at Radfield. She heard of the position through her neighbour Jody and applied straight away.

She commented, “I’d heard from Jody that Radfield is a great company to work for and everybody is so nice here, so thought I’d give it a go. The thing I love the most is the clients, it’s the best career change I’ve ever had.”

With the most recent group of carers to come through our ranks all enjoying their new jobs, this is great news for the Stafford Branch. The connections between employees, whether this be relatives or friends is forever growing, and Radfield Home Care really is fast becoming its own little family.