Old Friends Reunited After Three Decades

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Radfield Home Care, an elderly home care specialist based in Stafford, has helped reunite a pair of old friends after learning that they hadn’t seen each other for over thirty years.

Ethel & Selina Friends Reunited by Eldery Care Specialist

Selina, 95, and Ethel, 85, were invited in to our office in Austin Friars, Stafford, for afternoon tea to give them an opportunity to reminisce about past experiences that the two of them shared over three decades ago.

After rekindling their friendship on a recent day out to a local garden centre organised by Radfield, they were keen to meet up again and share their stories with each other.

The two ladies both lived in pre-fabricated bungalows in the Rickerscote area of Stafford, where Selina would pop round weekly to sell savings stamps and stop for a chat with Ethel and her family before moving to another area of Stafford.

Melissa, Radfield's Stafford Branch Manager, commented: “We take it for granted that something as simple as inviting our clients into the office for tea and scones can really make their day. We are proud that we have helped two old friends reconnect after all this time. What a heart-warming story”


Alongside living in the area, Selina and Ethel’s lives share many similarities with them both working for the same company in Stafford as well as both their husbands originating from Sunderland.

Selina, who was born in a Rowley Park Nursing Home, met and married her husband Stan, whilst both working at the now defunct English Electric and had two sons together.

She commented: “We both worked in the same ‘gang’ and one of our colleagues helped set us up together.”


Following the 1926 General Strike, Stan’s family had moved from Sunderland to Rugeley in order to find work, eventually leading to him meeting Selina.

Ethel, who was born in Brereton, Rugeley, worked in the canteen at English Electric, where she met her husband, George, who was a joiner for the company.

She commented: “George used to come in the canteen everyday for his lunch and that is where I first met him.”


Ethel and George had two sons and two daughters together whilst living on Old Rickerscote Lane in a marriage that lasted over fifty years.

Learning of Ethel and Selina’s life stories, Radfield Home Care felt that this was a perfect opportunity to help old friends reconnect, something that may not have been possible without our help.

Ethel commented: “It’s been great to catch up with Selina after all this time apart. I remember when Selina’s sister made two bridesmaid’s dresses for my daughter Alison as she used to make clothes.”

Selina commented: “I think there were only about 12 bungalows in Rickerscote at the time. Everyone helped each other out as much as they could.”


Selina and Ethel’s heart-warming story was shared with the local community by Stafford Express & Star Newspaper. A copy of the coverage is available below.

Stafford Express & Star Old Friends Reunited Coverage


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