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Going beyond the ordinary: Celebrating birthdays with Radfield Home Care Worcester, Droitwich & Malvern

21 February 2024

Local News

Written byDawn Phillips

Going beyond the ordinary: Celebrating birthdays with Radfield Home Care Worcester, Droitwich & Malvern

At Radfield Home Care, we take pride in making sure our clients can enjoy their special moments in the best way possible. Recently, our Care Professionals, Jane and Jadyn, planned an exceptional birthday surprise for one of our cherished clients, Brian, exemplifying our dedication to enhancing the quality of life of those we support.

Crafting the birthday surprise

With a deep understanding of Brian’s love for everything sweet, Jane and Jadyn took it upon themselves to plan a memorable celebration. They ventured out of their regular duties to find the ideal birthday surprise, settling on a delicious Caterpillar cake. Willing to go the extra mile for Brian’s happiness, they also acquired some birthday candles to add a traditional touch to the celebration.
At Radfield Home Care Worcester, it’s never just about providing essential home care services. It’s about adding joy, comfort, and emotional support to our clients’ lives – the little things that make a big difference.

Radfield Home Care Worcester client's birthday surprise

The surprise unveiled

Our Care Professionals split their duties, assisting Brian with up to four visits per day. The excitement for the surprise birthday plan was palpable. On the day itself, Jane had the pleasure of being with Brian and surprising him with the cake. A heart-warming rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ echoed through the room as Brian watched the candles’ glow with delight.

It was moments like these that anchored our belief in delivering more than just quality home care in the UK. We knew then that we were not just care professionals but companions who shared in the joys and sorrows. This is what sets Radfield Home Care Worcester apart.

The impact of our efforts

Brian’s reaction was a testament to how much he appreciated the gesture and the heartfelt efforts of our team at Radfield Home Care Worcester. He was touched by the personal nature of the surprise and the genuine care exhibited by Jane and Jadyn. With a simple act of blowing out birthday candles, Brian felt special, valued, and connected.

His kind words were a shining endorsement of our approach to care. By prioritising Brian’s wants alongside his needs, we were able to keep him connected to things that matter to him.

About Radfield Home Care

For over 40 years, Radfield Home Care has championed such personalised care and attention. Our focus is not on what we provide, but how we provide it. If you are seeking quality private home care for your loved ones, reach out to our friendly team for a chat or to arrange a personal consultation.


Dawn Phillips

Dawn Phillips

Director & Owner

Dawn has over 20 years of experience in the care sector and business operations. She is driven by a passion for providing top-quality care.

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