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Radfield Home Care Worcester companionship care outing helps Brenda conquer her fears

21 December 2023

Local News

Written byDawn Phillips

Radfield Home Care Worcester companionship care outing helps Brenda conquer her fears

At Radfield Home Care Worcester, Droitwich & Malvern we are on a mission to make ageing a more enjoyable and rewarding experience for everyone involved. We do this by helping people maintain those connections to the things that matter the most in their lives. A beautiful instance of our mission in action was exhibited this Christmas season with one of our clients, Brenda, from Worcester.

The bond of care between Brenda and her Care Professional

For a considerable amount of time, Brenda has been under the gentle and attentive care of our Care Professional, Jane. Their connection blossomed over shared moments of laughter, empathy, and mutual support in their home care Worcester settings. This relationship is not an exception but a norm at Radfield Home Care, built on our commitment to championing the care that people want and need.

Brenda and Sally - Worcester

Transformation through a festive celebration

Recently, we invited Brenda and our other beloved clients to join us for a special Christmas Meal at The Barn Owl. Brenda, despite her initial excitement, became anxious about the prospect of stepping out of her home – something she hasn’t done in over three years. Her confidence waned over the years due to her reduced mobility, and the thought of venturing out was daunting.

Recognising Brenda’s fears, our Care Professional Jane stepped in, offering to help her get ready for the festive event. In true Radfield Home Care style, Jane didn’t just provide physical assistance, but also emotional encouragement, helping Brenda conquer her anxieties up until the very last minute. This included organising a journey with Worcester Wheels to assure a safe and comfortable transport to the venue.

Rediscovery and enjoyment at Radfield’s Christmas outing

Brenda’s journey to The Barn Owl was an enlightening one. She witnessed the evolving landscape of Worcester – new developments and the familiar flow of the River, which she hadn’t seen in the past three years. Her arrival at the Christmas party proved to be an even more enchanting experience. Delicious food, heart-warming company and the festive ambience boosted her spirits, making her grateful she chose to surge past her fears. The event was made more memorable when Brenda surprised her family with a ‘FaceTime’ call, sharing her courageous outing and fun-filled day.

Brenda attributes her milestone to the unyielding support and encouragement from Jane and the Radfield Home Care team, reflecting our dedication to holistic care in the home care Worcester space.

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Dawn Phillips

Dawn Phillips

Director & Owner

Dawn has over 20 years of experience in the care sector and business operations. She is driven by a passion for providing top-quality care.

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