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Sunil’s care story – Celebrating 1 year with Radfield

22 May 2020

Local News

Written byDavid Bellis

Sunil’s care story – Celebrating 1 year with Radfield

We would like to introduce you to Sunil, a home care professional with Radfield Home Care Liverpool North. Sunil joined the Radfield family in May 2019, was promoted to care supervisor in November 2019 and celebrates his one year anniversary with Radfield this week!

Sunil holds a BSc (Hons) Degree in Sports Psychology from John Moores University, Liverpool, and whilst studying, worked as a door supervisor in a local bar to fund his education.

We asked Sunil to share his story.

Tell us about your previous care work/career background.

I’m an ex-athlete in kick boxing and found that the study of sports psychology helped me overcome some of my own anxieties when competing.

After earning my degree in sports psychology, I was keen to apply this to my own business to support youngsters and older people in the community, so with a friend, we set up a gym in Litherland to help people deal with similar anxieties that I struggled with.

What has inspired you to want to be involved in the adult social care sector?

I have always had an interest in supporting the community and developing youngsters and adults.

During my university years, my mum was diagnosed with lung cancer. She was also disabled, so along with my sisters, we were her main caregivers and I always supported mum with hospital trips, shopping, doctors appointments; it was all quite intense for 4 years, until she sadly passed away.

The positive throughout this, was that I got to spend a lot of time with my mum and we had some very special moments together, which I will always treasure!

Why Radfield Home Care?

Following these difficult years I was keen to continue with my involvement in the gym, but I also wanted to pursue other avenues in which I could help others and started to ask myself what else I could do.

After a fair amount of research I applied for a role with a local home care provider and was offered the job on the spot. The interview was rushed, I subsequently read some really bad reviews on the company from ex employees and soon realised that they didn’t share the same values as me.

I continued my search and through Indeed, came across the role of the home care assistant with Radfield. I was only looking for 3 days a week, to support my time at the gym, and they were offering a part time position which suited my needs at the time. From the moment I met the Radfield team at the interview, I was made to feel very welcome – they were friendly and asked, what I believe to be the right questions. I found instantly that they shared the same values as me!

What are your career aspirations?

I do see a real career with Radfield and was so pleased to have been promoted to care supervisor at the end of last year.

A client I regularly visit has now extended his care calls to 24 hours per week, so my role has suddenly become almost full time, along with the time I spend with colleagues in the field in a care supervisory capacity.

Any special moments with clients you would like to share?

The client I look after is a lovely man, he has Parkinsons. He is an ex bank manager and the time I spend with him provides respite for his wife and family. I almost feel like part of the furniture! In fact this week the family has sent a message to my manager, to say ‘thank you for giving us Sunil’.
This week has also been my 1 year anniversary of looking after him, and during my last care visit they gave me a 1 year anniversary card and wanted me to share a glass of bubbly with them! Of course I couldn’t as I was working, but I was overwhelmed with the gesture!

Do you have any inspiring memories you may wish to share?

With the care and support we have provided to the client, we have seen a significant change in his attitude to life and his family really appreciate this. This feels like an incredible personal achievement.

One very clear special moment that really stands out, is when I was first introduced to my client. He remembered my name from the offset, which really surprised the family, as they explained that he was hopeless at remembering names. I must have made a good first impression!

What do you love most about your job and working for Radfield Home Care?

Caring as a profession is not something I had done before, and I didn’t realise that I would have the right skills to do this until Radfield pointed out that I had cared for my mum and held the natural skills and experience to be a great carer.

Radfield Home Care Liverpool North’s care manager picked up on my caring nature and passion for wanting to help and support people. He gave me the confidence I needed; they took a chance, offered me the job, and I certainly hope this has paid off for them! I love the job – it’s the most rewarding job I’ve ever done!

It’s hard to recruit good care professionals, but we have an excellent team with brilliant carers who I love working with. I believe a great team starts at management level, and they all do a great job in providing the support and encouragement in everything we do.


Dave Bellis

Dave Bellis

Director & Owner

Dave believes that being able to interact with individuals from all walks of life is an integral part of being successful in the Home Care sector and he has brought all these skills to his business.

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