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Motor neurone disease care

We know what it takes to provide appropriate and effective support for what is a complex condition with varied needs.

Care and support for motor neurone disease at home

Motor neurone disease (MND) or Kennedy’s disease is a progressive disease that attacks the motor neurones (nerves that cause muscles to move) in the brain and spinal cord. This means messages gradually stop reaching muscles, which leads to weakness and muscle wasting.

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Because Motor Neurone Disease affects how muscles work, the symptoms can affect all areas of our bodies that use muscles. This means that MND can affect how you move, talk, eat, drink and breathe. Not all people with MND will experience the same symptoms and they may affect people differently.

MND and ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) are different descriptions of the same disease.

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Radfield offers specialist support for motor neurone disease care needs

Managing symptoms as well as possible is the key to maintaining a good quality of life when living with MND. The healthcare team will be providing lots of medical support to do this and where Radfield comes in is providing some of the practical additional assistance that may be required.

Our Care Professionals can help with moving and handling using equipment, undertaking all personal care and catheter and continence care. We are able to administer medication and can liaise with GP’s and pharmacists regarding reordering of medication.

Supporting a person with a complex condition such as MND usually involves many different people and having a good care team who can understand the many challenges and provide sensitive, practical support and care is vital to maintaining good quality of life for as long as possible.

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