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Marketing support

As a Radfield franchise partner, our marketing support is a key area that will help you build your business success.

Building marketing into your strategy

When starting your own business there are a lot of things to take into account, finding an office, setting up bank accounts and ensuring you are properly registered. The list is long and certain items can fall lower on the list than they really should be. For many new businesses, marketing can become a secondary task that is allocated a small amount of time and money. This is a big misstep which is why Radfield Home Care makes marketing as hassle-free as possible.

Radfield Office

Access to premium physical marketing materials

Designing and sourcing marketing materials, whether they be digital or physical, takes a lot of time. This is the first interaction that clients and recruits will have with your brand so it is vital that you make an impact.

Radfield Home Care has spent years developing its brand and public image into a respected name in home care. Franchise partners are given access to that brand and with it a treasure trove of marketing assets. New franchise partners receive a comprehensive initial marketing package, consisting of fliers, brochures, banners and business cards, meeting the marketing need of your office straight out of the box.

Digital marketing assets for social media and online marketing

Along with the physical resources, franchise partners are provided with a wealth of digital marketing assets. A diverse array of images, videos and templates, all in the Radfield brand are available. Videos have been optimised for the platforms they are intended for, meaning your marketing will have the maximum impact, whether it be a youtube blog or a Facebook feed video.

This huge library of assets is also constantly being added to, meaning you will always be at the front of the pack in the constantly shifting landscape of digital marketing.

An outstanding online presence

Radfieldhomecare.co.uk is built with SEO in mind and as a result, already outperforms our competitors online. We constantly invest in strengthening our online position to send you a supply of clients and enquiries.

You will have a dedicated local ‘mini-site’ within the main website where you may add to the content to promote your business.

We provide analytics for the website so that you can see how many people are visiting your website, where they are from and for how long they stay for

We invest in paid adverts on social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which supports both the brand exposure and visitors to the website.

We also invest in paid Adwords on Google and Bing, and manage these campaigns to increase the visits to the website.

A marketing support team with diverse skills

The National Office Marketing Team possesses an array of marketing skills. The team is capable of excellent graphic design, photography, videography & editorial work along with helping in the formulation of your marketing campaigns and plans.

Always on hand to lend support and guidance, the team offers regular webinars to get the most out of the platforms and creation tools available to you. Regular franchise partner forums also feature presentations and discussions on the development of the marketing strategies and resources.

Your marketing support includes:

“Although you’ve got your independence you’ve also got that fall back on a depth of expertise that you wouldn’t otherwise have in terms of running your own business”
– James Beech, Owner & Director Radfield Home Care Stamford, Peterborough & Rutland.

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Ed’s story

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James’ story

Just two years since launching his Radfield business, James and his team earned CQC’s highest rating.

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