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Visiting Care Alternatives: Connected Care

Connected Care is Radfield’s range of assistive technology solutions. In this guide, we’ll delve into what it is, how it can help you and how it can offer an alternative to home care / visiting care.

What is Connected Care?

Radfield Home Care understands that care takes many forms and is often about having vital peace of mind and individual protection, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We saw the need for more personalised home care options to suit the specific needs of people at all levels of care and we identified assistive technology as the answer.

Through collaboration with our trusted and industry-leading partners, Radfield is proud to offer ‘Connected Care’. A broad range of innovative assistive technology solutions carefully designed to keep you, or a loved one, safe whilst encouraging independence both while at home and out and about.

Improving care through technology

At Radfield, we’ve always been a leader in the introduction and use of health technology to improve the level of care we provide. New technology across the care sector, when utilised correctly, has several advantages. It’s critical to understand what they are and how they relate to various situations. That’s why we employ personalised care plans to ensure that we’re not just utilising Radfield Connected Care technology for the sake of using it – it’s being utilised to fit your needs and specific situation.

We are always testing and evaluating technologies. This guarantees that our technology solutions are reliable, fit for purpose, and, most importantly, provide genuine value to our clients and their families. Get in contact with our helpful team to find out which Radfield Connected Care alternatives are available through your local Radfield Home Care office.

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Our connected care solutions

Our Connected Care solutions range from a non-intrusive daily check, a go-anywhere alarm that’s also available with an additional fall protector and an all-encompassing system that uses smart home sensors and offers full protection at home. Let’s go into a bit more detail on each one to see what would be most suitable for you.


A daily check-in system that is based on a very simple check process. Simply press the ‘OKEachDay’ button on our easy-to-use touchscreen before a time of your choosing to confirm all is well. OKEachDay may appeal to people who want the peace of mind provided by a regular check-in. It is perfect for older people who live on their own, who like to be in control, want to feel safer and want to help reassure friends and family. A simple way to feel safer at home.

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The Go GPS is a wearable device, developed by Careline365, that supports your independence by giving you the confidence to get out and about knowing you have a backup if something may happen. If you need help for any reason, simply press and hold the buttons on the GO GPS unit and this will alert the 24/7 specially trained response team. The built-in GPS means the response team will know where they need to go, affording you peace of mind.

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Fall Detector

The Fall Detector is a waterproof, lightweight, pendant solution, perfect for someone who is at risk of falls or living independently at home. The Fall Detector automatically detects a sudden drop or fall from the user within a 100-metre range of the home or garden, allowing expert assistance to be there in minutes through their nominated emergency contacts. A simple and stylish way to feel peace of mind at home.

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MiiCare works as a constant background check and reassurance to families and loved ones, using passive sensors set up in the home. The passive sensors monitor movement patterns and the use of devices on an ongoing basis, building up a picture of daily life based on what typically happens. If an unexpected change in behaviour is detected from the MiiCare system, prompts can be given via an Alexa-style device, like reminders for taking medication or eating and drinking enough. MiiCare was developed specifically to support older adults to live a healthier, safer, and happier life, and ease the pressure on their families and caregivers.

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Connected care costs

If you would like to discuss your care needs and how Connected Care assistive technology could work for you, please contact your local office. We can provide a full outline of costs as well as create a personalised care plan to suit your needs. We can also provide you with more information based on your own personal circumstances and if you would like us to, a member of our team can come out and see you at home. This is free of charge and allows you to ask as many questions as you like to see how Connected Care can work for you.

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