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Home Safety Checklist

As your parents and relatives age, it is inevitable that both their physical ability and their senses will decline. To help your parents to remain in their home, a full safety assessment is essential for their well-being, to avoid any needless accidents and to help prevent falls. Even seemingly insignificant measures such as creating clear pathways between furniture, can significantly reduce any risk.

If you consider that as a person ages:

  • Senses become impaired – sight, hearing and sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.
  • Physical ability declines – balance and mobility is reduced.
  • Cognitive function declines – forgetful of appliances or running taps.

Evaluate the environment and asses the home by imagining that you have reduced mobility or vision:

  • What might you have difficulty with (reaching high cupboards).
  • What might you not see (extension cables).
  • What might you not hear (a smoke alarm).
  • What might you forget about (a boiling pan).

Home safety checklist:

Hallway, front door and flooring through the house

  • Ensure the doorway, hallway and all walkways are well-lit.
  • Remove any obstructions around the front doorway (for example, plant pots).
  • Paint door sills a different colour or use bright coloured tape.
  • Secure or remove a loose doormat or rugs.
  • Install a secure handle in doorways to assist with steps.
  • Use non-skid floor wax.

Living spaces

  • Remove throw rugs, and secure large rugs and carpet edges.
  • Remove low plants, foot stools and low coffee tables.
  • Remove anything else from the floor, such as books, magazines or ornaments.
  • Arrange furniture with clear walkways.
  • Put coloured stickers on large glass doors and patio doors.
  • Secure or remove from walkways any extension cables, lamp cords or TV cables.
  • Coil cables and secure them with cable ties, to keep them tight and tidy.
  • Do not overload sockets with plugs and ensure that all wiring is safe.
  • Consider sound activated light switches or add glow-in-the-dark switches.
  • Check all furniture for sturdiness.
  • Have an armchair with armrests, that will help when standing.
  • Have a cordless phone to be carried around.
  • Consider a panic button worn on the person, in case of accident or fall.


  • Keep floors clean and clear of any oil or food spilled on the floor.
  • Consider installing appliances with an auto shut-off feature.
  • Limit the temperature of hot water on the boiler.
  • Move items from high and low shelves to waist height.
  • Invest in a sturdy step stool with handles.


  • Have a lamp and torch next to the bed and within easy reach.
  • Install a phone next to the bed.
  • Remove everything from the floors, including throw rugs.
  • Use a night light to see pathways to the bathroom or the stairs.


  • Install grab bars next to toilets and also for baths and showers.
  • Use either a non-slip mat or textured stickers in the bath.
  • Consider a walk-in bath or shower.
  • Have an elevated toilet seat with handrails, to assist when standing up.
  • Place toiletries within reach but not in a place where they may be knocked on to the floor.
  • Use a soap dispenser in the shower.
  • Consider a specific bath chair.


  • Use brightly coloured tape on the edge of stairs.
  • Check for any broken/uneven steps or loose carpet.
  • Attach non-slip rubber to wood or non-carpeted steps.
  • Ensure that stairs are both well lit and have a light switch at the top and bottom.
  • Install a sturdy handrail.
  • Remove anything on the stairs, at the top and bottom (for example, mail or plants).

Emergency phone lists

  • Have a list of emergency phone numbers such as doctors, hospitals, NHS Direct, local Police, pharmacy and the contact number for your carer. Print this in clear and large type and leave on the fridge or next to the phone. 
  • If your relative or spouse has dementia or Alzheimer’s, then we recommend additional precautions to ensure their safety.

Your Radfield home carer can help conduct a safety assessment of your home.

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