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Radfield Home Care and Alertacall partner on assistive technology service; Connected Care

7 April 2022

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Written byHannah MacKechnie

Radfield Home Care and Alertacall partner on assistive technology service; Connected Care

Radfield Home Care has partnered with the inventive telecommunications company, Alertacall, to offer assistive technology packages to older people in their homes. The Alertacall product, OKEachDay, provides a daily check-in system for ensuring people are safe, giving peace of mind to their loved ones. OKEachDay is now available from the Radfield Connected Care umbrella of assistive technology services by Radfield Home Care.


Speaking about the innovative new partnership, Dr Hannah MacKechnie, director & owner of Radfield Home Care said:

“For the past seven years we have been testing numerous assistive technology solutions to identify ones that work and can provide a valuable service to older people and their families. OKEachDay is a smart yet simple product that solves the issue of an individual desiring a safety net without the need for a pendant alarm.”

“The Alertacall team have all been enormously helpful and we cannot thank them enough for their support in setting up this partnership.”

What is Radfield Connected Care?

Radfield Connected Care is a selection of assistive technology solutions for providing next-level care and support. A variety of innovative assistive technology solutions are available from the Radfield Connected Care line of services. These solutions have been identified after years of testing and quality assurance, to ensure the best possible services are provided. The Radfield Home Care team continue to test and assess technology options to ensure they are robust, fit for purpose and, most importantly, deliver real benefits to clients and their families.

How OKEachDay works

The OKEachDay system uses a smart device, similar to a tablet, that features an OKEachDay button on it. The device is on a stand and is plugged into the mains, so there is minimal risk of it being lost or losing power.

The OKEachDay button may then be pressed anytime before one or more times in the day, chosen by the user. For example, after getting up in the morning or just before going to bed. If the button is not pressed, a member of the OKEachDay team will attempt to contact the user, if they cannot reach them then they will alert a nominated individual.

For more information on Radfield Connected Care, OKEachDay and the services Radfield Home Care provides, click here.


Dr. Hannah MacKechnie

Dr. Hannah MacKechnie

CEO & Co-Founder

A qualified GP, Dr Hannah MacKechnie founded Radfield Home Care with her brother to help people age well.

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