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From sunday school teacher to care supervisor – Bex’s story

7 April 2020

Local News

Written byPhil MacKechnie

From sunday school teacher to care supervisor – Bex’s story

We would like to introduce you to Bex Lunt, a care professional with Radfield Home Care Shrewsbury & Oswestry. Prior to joining the Radfield care team, Bex worked as Level 3 nursery nurse, looking after children from 3 month to 12 years old. Alongside her career, Bex also volunteers at her local church and is involved in a number of activities in the community, from Sunday School teaching to Street Pastors.

What has inspired you to want to be involved in the care sector?

Unfortunately, the administration work in my childcare role began to take over, which meant spending less time with the children. I enjoyed doing a job where I was hands on caring, so it changed the focus of the role, which resulted in me looking for a new career.

During this time, I also became a part time carer for my gran, who and which inspired my interest in caring for older people. So I started to look at roles within the social care sector, taking a particular interest in looking after older people, which led me to where I am today!

Why Radfield Home Care?

I chose Radfield Home Care because I wanted to work in care, but didn’t want to be tied down to a daily routine of working in a care home environment. I liked the idea of being on the move all the time and visiting and caring for clients in their own homes.

I feel you get to know a lot more about the people you are caring for when they feel more comfortable in their own homes. I also feel that you can build a proper relationship with them, and it’s more familiar when you visit them; it’s the personal touch of caring that interests me.

What are your career aspirations?

I love working with our clients, and I am keen to learn new things from them every day. A new day brings a new experience.

As a care supervisor, I would still like to improve my knowledge and skills and know that Radfield continually makes available, supports and promotes further training and development for all its staff.

Any special moments with clients you would like to share?

I currently visit a number of clients, for a period of 3-4 hours each week. This provides lots of time to do a number of activities with them, creating lots of great memories. These activities can range from making hand puppets, to running away from a keen swan through the local park. I love everyday with my clients; what we give them, we get back into return. We are not just there to make their day; they actually make our day as well. This is the reason I love to do the work that I do!


Phil MacKechnie

Phil MacKechnie

Franchise Development Director

My passion is to help home care business owners start and grow their businesses and promote Radfield’s purpose and mission.

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