Careers in Care on offer at Shrewsbury shopping centre!

Dr. Hannah MacKechnie Read 1814 times

Shrewsbury supervisors Tracy and Kev attended  a recruitment event today in Shrewsbury Pride Hill Shopping Centre. The event is  hosted by the Care Workforce Development Partnership who work closely with Shropshire Partners in Care to promote Care as a positive career choice across Shropshire. 

Recruitment in the Care Sector has been increasingly challenging in recent years  with the media playing a detrimental role in only focusing on the negative stories and not highlighting the truly amazing work that carers do each day and how uplifting and fulfilling it can be as a career choice. We are thrilled to be joining the campaign to make more people consider a career in care as the right choice for them. It was fantastic to engage with so many people at this event  and be able to chat about what the work involves and  how care work can fit around family commitments. 

Tracy and Kev SPIC recruitment Shrewsbury