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Dementia dolls helping clients to ease lockdown isolation

4 February 2021

Local News

Written byPhil MacKechnie

Dementia dolls helping clients to ease lockdown isolation

As care specialists in dementia, Radfield Home Care Shrewsbury and Oswestry are always looking for ways to engage their clients and to provide them with that vital sense of reassurance and familiarity. The restrictions that have been in place throughout the Covid-19 pandemic has meant this is ever more important, with the pressures of social isolation impacting upon their clients.

With regular visits from family and loved ones being disrupted, Radfield’s care professionals have been aware of the impact this has had, particularly with their clients with dementia, and are always seeking ways to mitigate this. One approach that Radfield Home Care Shrewsbury and Oswestry’s registered care manager, Sonya Cole, has been focusing upon at the start of 2021 is the introduction of several dementia dolls to their clients. Sonya has great experience of their use and how to sensitively introduce these to both the client and their loved ones, and is passionate about addressing the impact the pandemic is having upon Radfield’s clients.

Dementia dolls, or the use of animal toys, can offer great therapeutic value to the client as they can help them maintain a connection to the outside world. Clients are reminded of times spent with children, or their own pets, creating positive pleasant feelings and sometimes a renewed sense of purpose. Their use is also supported by Dementia UK who also provide useful information on their associated benefits and tips on giving them to a loved one.

Sonya explains how their use has become so relevant and its impact upon clients:

“It has been clear that some of our clients with dementia have been understandably struggling with the decreased contact with loved ones and friends caused by Covid-19 restrictions. In some cases this had led to a noticeable withdrawal from day to day life and an increase in sleeping times – causing concern for both their families and of course us, as care professionals.

With essential services, such as the fantastic ‘Golden Moments’ Dementia cafe held at the Princess Royal Hospital Shrewsbury, also not being able to run at the moment I felt something had to be done to try and address this. This is when I reached out and contacted a lady that had previously provided us with dolls for the Dementia cafe that Radfield supports. She has kindly provided a further 5 fantastic dementia dolls that we are very grateful to have been received.

Dolls are slowly introduced to our clients first to see if they take to them and we gauge whether they will be suitable. We have noticed that some of our clients start to increase their talking and are sometimes singing, it is so great to witness this! Many of the dolls have stayed with them and are providing them with comfort throughout their time as valued Radfield Home Care clients.”


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Phil MacKechnie

Phil MacKechnie

Franchise Development Director

My passion is to help home care business owners start and grow their businesses and promote Radfield’s purpose and mission.

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