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Empowering Community: Radfield Home Care Derby’s food bank collection event

9 November 2023

Local News

Written byShelly Stephens

Empowering Community: Radfield Home Care Derby’s food bank collection event

Radfield Home Care Derby, Ashbourne, and South Derbyshire proudly hosted an uplifting food bank collection event, reinforcing our commitment to holistic community care and at home services in Derby. Our Care Professional team rallied together to take part in the day and give back to the wider Derbyshire community. Not only did this event provide an opportunity to contribute to a Derby charity, but to connect with key people helping to prop up our community.

Shelly, Radfield’s Business Development Manager:
“It is important to me to be part of our community, to be able to support where we can. We are all part of our ‘Be There’ movement. There is no greater joy in life than being able to help where and if you can.”

Key community figures

Shelly Stephens, Jo Power, Mia Pashley, Jessica Bolton, Ann-Maria Allsopp, and our dedicated care professionals led the event from our office. As we are set to help students from Bemrose School, with careers and mock interviews, three members of the school staff also attended to show support. Chloe Martin from DHA Supplies kindly donated some delicious breakfast bakeries along with a generous donation. The event was reinforced by the attendance of Amanda Solloway, local MP, cementing the vitality of the charity in Derby.

Chloe, DHA Supplies:
“Just like the Radfield Group the team at DHA Supplies are incredibly committed to improving lives within the community. I would like to congratulate Shelly and the team for their achievements and all their hard work to give back.”

Derby charity commitment

This event revolved around collecting essential food and other items for a local food bank. The Radfield team’s contributions were substantial, enabling the creation of ten food parcels to assist those in need. This is in addition to the team managing to raise £200 through raffles and a “Guess the Sweets in the Jar” game during Oakfest earlier in July. The teams joined forces to pack all the collected food, ensuring that it was ready for delivery to those in need.

Joanne, Radfield’s Registered Care Manager:
“I am not ashamed to say I have had to rely on food banks in the past, as many of us have. It is nice to be in the position to be able to give back and support our local community.”

Holistic community care

The day began with a delightful breakfast bakery spread and some good-natured conversation while packaging food for the bank. As the day progressed, everyone present could delve into important community-based conversations and highlight some positives and weaknesses in the community. Our team spoke on the importance of at home services and home care in Derby and why it is integral to the health and wellbeing of the wider community. The Radfield team explored the core values of why they do what they do, the importance of helping others, the Radfield Be There movement, and the wide range of services offered by Radfield Derby.

Amanda Solloway, Local MP:
“Community care is so important; it provides dignity and enhances their lives and makes them feel valued.”

At home and community care

Through our dedication to holistic community care and at-home services, we aim to exemplify the spirit of giving back and supporting those in need. Radfield Home Care Derby, Ashbourne, and South Derbyshire continues to be a beacon of compassion and community involvement, and their work reflects the core values of the “Be There” movement, leaving a lasting impact on the lives they touch.

To discover our award-winning care services or speak to us further about our impact on local communities and how you can get involved, get in touch here.


Shelly Stephens

Shelly Stephens

Business Development Manager

Shelly Stephens is Radfield Home Care Derby, Ashbourne & South Derbyshire’s Business Development Manager. Shelly manages, guides and directs the care management team and undertakes business development work within the local community.

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