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Our Story

Dawn Phillips, Director of Radfield Home Care Bromsgrove & Redditch was born to care.

Dawn’s Nanny, also fondly known as ‘Mrs H’ by the younger cheeky family members, as her name was Hilda, always used to say that Dawn was a caring and sensitive child, wasn’t afraid of the gory stuff, and so would have made a great nurse.

Mrs H Radfield Home Care Bromsgrove

Dawn’s Nanny, also fondly known as ‘Mrs H’.

Dawn comments,

“Bandages, plasters and a toy stethoscope were always to hand to patch up my sick and wounded toys and visitors to the home didn’t get off lightly.”


Dawn started working in care when she was still at school, working in a care home at weekends, and continued to work in the healthcare sector throughout college and university, where she attained her degree in Biomedical Science. After graduating, Dawn then worked in a research lab as a Biomedical Scientist, and then returned to the care sector after having her son.

Since then, Dawn has worked in adult education, adult nursing and more recently astrophysics, when Dawn also thought seriously about retraining to become a doctor. However, the Radfield Home Care franchise was then presented to her, which has taken Dawn down a very exciting path of owning her own special piece of Radfield Home Care in the Bromsgrove & Redditch region.

Dawn comments,

“I’ve had the privilege to work with and care for so many people that have each inspired my career and journey through life. I really enjoy getting to know people and finding out their stories, some of which are truly inspirational, yet sad, and some very funny. This is my favourite part of what we do; the communication and connection of humanity.”