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Enjoying the outdoors this autumn – hints and tips

23 November 2020

Local News

Written byJackie Gillen

Enjoying the outdoors this autumn – hints and tips

Now the clocks have gone back, we often feel like it’s time to hibernate within the house until we see the signs of spring again ushering in a new season. Radfield Home Care Wakefield and Dewsbury’s director, Jackie Gillen, understands that enjoying the outdoors and getting physical activity when possible, in line with current Covid-19 restrictions, is so important for us all:

“Keeping active and engaged really does help with our health and wellbeing, I know it makes a massive difference to me, more so than ever with current Covid-19 restrictions. It doesn’t need to be time consuming or strenuous and should be something we enjoy and get pleasure from. That way it doesn’t feel like a chore, as it’s very likely we won’t continue doing it if we don’t enjoy it.

I spend most days in front of a laptop, so for me having a break and getting outside makes all the difference. I love to walk our dog Sherlock, watching Sherlock having a good run around and getting some fresh air is a great way to relax and unwind, whilst also getting some exercise. I also enjoy putting the fire on and watching a good film or series on TV. I find this a great way of switching off at the end of a busy day.”

Engaging in new hobbies that involve the outdoors helps to ensure we keep that essential connection with things around us. Whether that’s sitting in a warm spot by the window looking out and taking things in or taking a walk around the garden, it all counts.

Radfield has come up with some ideas for you to try out this autumn…

Looking out for those special visitors to our gardens

As the season changes from autumn to winter we are visited by wildlife, from the perennial favourite – the robin, to the night time travellers, hedgehogs, toads and frogs. Tips such as checking bonfires for hedgehogs and leaving healthy herbaceous, hollow-stemmed plants unpruned in order to provide a home for insects, give us an idea of how we can really easily help nature.

Organisations such as the Royal Horticultural Society are keen for us to consider birds visiting our gardens and to supply them with food, providing essential sustenance and also encouraging other birds into the garden. For example, using wire cages that contain high fat blocks are a great way to help birds over the winter season, with different recipes attracting different types of birds. Simple changes can herald big differences, whatever type of garden you may have. A pair of bird watching binoculars means you can also enjoy all nature has to offer from the comfort of your own home – try setting a daily pattern to see what’s new each day.

Taking in nature

Wrapping up warm and seeing the leaves that have fallen from the trees that are now displaying beautiful hues of red and orange is something of great pleasure to most. Switching our view to things happening outside has proven health benefits and also provides a sense of connection with something greater than our own four walls.

The Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku, or ‘forest bathing‘ as it is known in the UK, is a fantastic wellbeing activity and involves observing nature around you whilst breathing deeply – enjoying the views of trees, the calm and the quiet. A report compiled by the Forestry Commission’s Forest Research division, concluded that it can have significant positive impact on physical and mental health and overall wellbeing.

Star gazing

With the nights becoming darker much quicker, we are able to see the fantastic night sky with the naked eye and often in great detail with just a pair of binoculars. No expensive equipment is required and it can be done in your own garden or a local park. There are many groups who are keen to attract new members and whether you are a complete ameutuer or more experienced there is something out there for you.

Groups such as Go Stargazing offer great start up advice and helpful tips on what you can see and an online calendar detailing the best times to stargaze in any given month. The sense of awe offered by looking up at the night sky has been proven to help people step out of their day to day lives by giving them a positive appreciation that they are part of something larger – lifting minds and reconnecting us with nature.

Radfield is passionate about enabling clients to carry on with the important things that they enjoy and to explore new activities – whatever the season. Clients are empowered to stay connected and to embrace new possibilities, helping to reduce isolation and leading to better mental and physical wellbeing. Radfield’s exceptional home care professionals pride themselves on getting to know their clients, providing individualised home care support that ensures clients lives are enriched. This also gives important reassurance to clients’ loved ones that they are living life to the full.

If you would like to find out more about Radfield Home Care jobs and how you can join the team, you can visit www.radfieldhomecare.co.uk or contact the branch directly on [email protected] or 01924 271 394.


Jackie Gillen

Jackie Gillen


Jackie is committed to ensuring the quality of services provided remains outstanding and enjoys guiding the strategic direction of the business.

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