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About Radfield Home Care

Radfield Home Care is a family-owned company involving three generations of our family. Established in 2008 by Dr. Hannah MacKechnie and her brother, Alex Green, Radfield follows in the family history of caring for the elderly.

We are proud to say that Radfield Home Care has provided care for all of our grandparents.

Radfield Residential Home, Kennedy Rd, 1982



Our parents, Chris and John, made the decision to establish Radfield Residential Home in Kennedy Road, Shrewsbury. After finding a tired, old house-conversion of flats, which were desperately in need of loving attention to bring them back to life, Chris, John, Hannah, Alex and grandparents Joan and Trevor, worked tirelessly to renovate the old house and created a warm and welcoming home.

From the age of six and eight, we had the privilege of living our childhood alongside the older people in our care home and the rich experience that it brought to our lives.

Radfield Home Care with Grandparents


Hannah worked in the residential home before training as a doctor at Birmingham University. After qualifying, she worked in hospitals across the UK and in Christchurch, New Zealand, and later as a GP in Hampshire, London and Shropshire. It was whilst working as a GP, that Hannah recognised the need for local home care that has quality at its heart.

During this time, Alex progressed his career in finance working for companies such as HSBC and Halifax and then with charitable organisations in various locations around the UK. He then returned to settle in Shropshire and once again work in the family business.

Radfield Home Care Agency Launch 2008

March 2008

Alex and Hannah established Radfield Home Care and in great entrepreneurial tradition worked out of the garage adjacent to the residential home!

At this time, Hannah had her first son and her parents and grandparents would drop in to the office on a daily basis getting to know all the staff – the office had a special family atmosphere.

Lynn was our first employee as a carer and has stayed with the Radfield family, progressing to head up our finance team.

December 2008

With a little sadness to leave the spirit of the garage behind, we moved into our first office in Frankwell, Shrewsbury, where our office is still located.

November 2010

As we expanded, we were excited to open our next branch in Worcester. Dawn Philips was the care manager and after establishing and growing Worcester branch, she became our first franchisee in 2017, realising a dream of establishing a business of her own in Bromsgrove and Redditch.

May 2012

Due to the demand for our service, we continued our expansion and the Stafford branch opened.

June 2013

Our next achievement was the opening of the Chester branch, to enable expansion of our care services to both Chester, Northwich and Winsford areas.


We were very proud to receive our first award: the Shrewsbury Mayor’s Gold Courtesy Award 2014 and have since continued to consistently win awards for our service.

June 2016

So that we could follow our commitment to invest in the local community and workforce, we launched the franchising operation of Radfield, enabling Dawn to subsequently become our first franchisee.

December 2016

Our commitment to creating the Radfield family and our culture of Caring for Carers, was officially recognised when we became the first company in the UK healthcare sector to be awarded a B Corp certification - a proud moment and achievement for everyone. 

Radfield Home Care Family



We are proud of all our hard-earned achievements and a list of our awards is here…


Our childhood spent living amongst the  older residents of our parents care home was a rewarding experience on many levels and left us with a deep understanding of how to care for older people with true respect. Caring was in our blood but we also drew inspiration and passion for home care services from:

  • Recognising this was a sector in desperate need for high quality providers and those willing to embrace and adopt new technology to enhance the offering.
  • The opportunity to continue the family-caring business, whilst enabling people to remain in their homes.
  • Adding value and serving the community through employment with progression opportunities, and providing a much-needed service.


The Radfield Mission

We started out in 2008 as a small and dedicated team of carers, with a determination to offer the highest standard of care. Through word of mouth and recommendations, we grew from the garage to where we are today. Our journey is one of hard work but it is rewarding and we never waiver from our mission of:

To be the best care company from whom to receive care and support, and to be the very best company for whom to work.

The Radfield Family Values

Over time, we have developed both our core values and our Caring for Carers pledge, as a public statement and demonstration of the commitment which we make to our staff and clients.

We are a Family - we care about all of our people and believe passionately that by treating our carers as a trusted family we can empower them to treat our clients with the same warmth and respect.

We are Proud to Care - we are proud to stand out for the right reasons, to help each and every one of our people reach their potential, and that we are always pushing for the very best.

We are on Your Side    - we believe in looking after people and empowering them to live their own unique lives to the full. We understand, listen, and act as caring advocates, in order to uphold your wishes and to ensure your well-being.

Dr. Hannah MacKechnie and Alex Green.

 Radfield Home Care Family Values

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