Carer Case Studies

There are many reasons why people choose a career in care. We thought we would share some of our own stories with you.

Helen's Story

Helen assistant manager worcester

Spending the day with people with care and support needs is not work, it’s the  most rewarding, satisfying and enriching career that I can think of.  Through out my working life I have always chosen the care profession, as a carer,  as a phlebotomist, working with children and then back to domiciliary care, only  taking time away to bring up my children.

Before applying to join the team at Radfield Home Care I spent a lot of time  looking for the right company to work with, looking up websites and reading on  sites such as facebook about the different companies that were recruiting carers.  Radfield Home Care stood out for me due to its core values. I would want to be  empowered to maintain my independence by people that I grew to think of as  family should I ever be in need of support myself. I have never thought of being a  carer as less of a profession than any other, we have all heard the term ‘just a  carer’ and Radfield carers are proud of the job they do, proud to be part of the  family.

Filling out the application form was the best decision I made, I applied to be a  carer and was offered the opportunity to be interviewed for a supervisory  position due to the experience and training that I already had. I was aware that I  would need to complete the care certificate before starting working  independently; I was offered the full support of the company in doing this and  was told that I had up to 12 weeks to hand in the completed booklets. I found the  workbooks to be informative and reflective and completed them in two days.

I have been with Radfield Home care for 12 months and I am the assistant  manager of the Worcester Branch. I work under a manager that I am proud to  call my mentor and I work with a team of people who have a deep love for our  profession, who feel supported and happy in their work everyday.

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do and this shows everyday as we all set out to  meet our client’s needs ensuring that they are safe and supported as family  members should be.


Amanda's Story

Amanda Supervisor Worcester 202x184

My name is Amanda. My hobbies and interests are spending family time with my children and making sure I stay as active as I can with my 4 year old son. Lots of swimming, dog walking and lots of out door activities (no matter what the weather is!).  I have been with Radfield home care, Worcester for just over 6 months.   

Before I joined Radfield I worked at a couple of care homes but felt I needed a fresh challenge to try something new but still in the care sector. I  applied at Radfield and got the job.

When I first started the job I was a little nervous but with the training, help and advice of Angela, Helen and the supervisors I started to really enjoy the job. After being there now just over 6 months I can actually say that I have found my job for life!! I kick myself that I did not join this company before as to me I do not see this as work!

What is so good about this job you might ask?? well first and foremost the clients. I have meet some beautiful ladies and gentlemen who are an absolute pleasure to care for. They welcome you into their home and have the most amazing stories to share with you.  I feel like I can take my time and do my job to the best of my ability, everything is in place for me from what the client eats, drinks, chooses to wear to how and when they have medication and need assistance with moving. That is all down to the hard work of the supervisors and of course management.

The care staff are an amazing bunch of people who go above and beyond for the company but most of all are all honest, hardworking and amazing people who have hearts of gold.


Lynn's Story

Lynn pic 1

“I’m Free” I remember saying to myself as I walked out of my last exam at Secondary school.  My next step ... to enrol on a Secretarial Course at Radbrook College.   One year turned into one and half years as we all wanted to extend the course.  I gained passes in twelve exams (Six subjects).  I enjoyed every minute which was reflected in my magnificent artwork with a typewriter... a picture I designed and calculated... a tortoise made entirely out of Xs, that would help me in the future I thought!!

After leaving college I was employed by a local Solicitor as an Office Junior, but made redundant after two and a half years .. just as I had perfected the coffee for the boss.   Agency work followed for a while but eventually found full time work in a office as an Audio typist in Shrewsbury.  The office then moved out to Telford.  Due to changes within the department I found myself becoming more and more disillusioned with the job.  I wanted to help people and started looking into the realms of care.

Mum then had a hip operation and I found myself getting further and further involved in her road to recovery.  I then realised that this would suit and was the road I would like to take. 

My opportunity arose as my job was relocating to Wolverhampton/Merry Hill.  The thought of getting up at the crack of dawn with the cockerel at 5am and returning home about 8pm filled me with dread.  So after twenty two years of service I escaped.

I trawled the internet for work in care and one particular website grabbed by attention.... yes it was Radfield which back in 2008 was still based within Radfield Residential Home in Kennedy Road.  I plucked up the courage to telephone and I spoke to a very nice gentlemen ... I think his name was Alex!   I was interviewed by both Alex and Hannah and to my delight they offered me a job.  I was supported and encouraged throughout and I have never looked back.


Sally's Story

Sally pic resized for website 200 x 179

I had always felt like I should or would work in care in some aspect.  When I left school I worked as an office apprentice, selling wheelie bins which couldn’t have been any more different than the job I was destined for in care.

I started to train for my B-Tec in Care at Haughton Special School when I was 17 which I really enjoyed doing and completed just before I fell pregnant with my son Joseph.  I then did lots of different voluntary work within care, running a mother an toddler group, a youth club as well as an action committee and a teen mothers group which was brilliant but wasn’t paid, so sadly I had to  take up a role in a factory.  As the years passed and my son started to grow, I then had my daughter and got married, however I longed to get back into the job I love and felt was my ideal job role.

When my daughter started school she had a great Teacher who encouraged me to help out once a week reading with the reception aged children.  I did this for a few months, when the head teacher mentioned the local special needs school were looking for staff.  I bit the bullet and rang them.  I went down, had an induction and was asked if I could work for 5 weeks covering illness, which then turned into 10 years working there.

After that I moved on to work for two other companies but I felt that neither of these actually cared for their clients in the way I consider that care should be delivered. 

I then passed my driving test and decided I would look into domiciliary care, and came across Radfield Home Care. After researching Radfield and asking hundreds of questions to someone I knew who works there, I decided to have a go and apply for a job.  From the moment I walked through the doors I was made to feel welcome and part of a team.   Interacting with amazing,  warm and friendly staff from the directors, managers and office staff to all the carers.  Nothing is ever too much trouble, everyone always has time to answer any questions I may have and I love my job. I love being at work, somewhere that has the comfort and ease as your own home.  I feel I have finally found a care company I have been looking for all my adult life.  A company who delivers just what they say they will.  A CARE company who actually CARE about their clients AND their staff.


Melissa's Story


How did I come across to working in the caring industry?

Well it all started when I left school and I went to college, I was completely unsure on what I wanted to learn. College where really helpful and they looked through all my school reports and explained to me that health and social care diploma would be the one for me. Due to the fact my teachers always described me as a kind and caring student who helped everyone in the class. I said I didn't want to be a carer and college explained that the diploma can open up a lot of doors for me, so if I didn't like one thing I could go on to something else.
I took it on board and completed work placements, the first one was working on the EMI unit in a nursing home, I was so confused to why elderly people were acting so strangely that I wanted to learn more. I researched dementia and realized that these individuals can't help the way they were acting. I felt sympathy and wanted to help.

I left college and decided to work with  a home care agency and visiting individuals in their own home. I really enjoyed it, I felt a great sense of achievement and pleasure working with elderly people. Just to know that simple things in life can mean so much to them when there is someone to help them. Enabling someone   to be as independent as possible is helping to shape me as a better person. I've learnt that everyone is an individual, they all live their lives differently. Just for me to be able to help them is the best feeling in the world. Whether it is making a cup of tea and having a natter or  assisting with full personal care, it's great to know I'm making a difference to someone's quality of life.

Eventually I want to train to become a district nurse to allow me to still provide care but also more medical duties as well. I see this as a challenge for the future but at the moment I'm very happy working for Radfield home care. I enjoy working with all the staff and  the management has allowed me to progress up the ladder. I meet great clients, I receive so much support I feel happy going to work every day. There has never been a day where I don't want to come to work. I love how everyone treats all staff and clients like their own family members.


Francesca's Story

Francesca care career case study

My name is Francesca, I am 35 years old and I am Italian.

I have a husband and two sons. I came to England about 8 years ago, because my husband was working in Shrewsbury.
When I came I couldn’t speak English and I didn’t have any friends. My first son was born and I spent all my time with him, I started going to play group, where I met a lot of nice friends.

When my son began going to nursery I went to college to learn some English. After my second son was born my life became very busy. I missed going to work after seven years looking after my family all the time. My friend who was working as home carer for Radfield Home Care told me ‘Francesca, why not fill in an application form to work for Radfield? I am sure you can tell them how many hours you can do because they are very flexible, and they understand family problems, so I think you can find the right compromise between work and your family and the pay is good’.

I did what my friend suggested and it’s been seven months now that I’ve been with Radfield Home Care, and I’m very happy working as a carer for this company. I’ve met a lot of good colleagues and the ladies in the office are very nice. I would like to thank you for this opportunity.