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Case Study: Rachelle’s extraordinary journey in care

29 January 2024

Local News

Written bySimi Ghuman

Case Study: Rachelle’s extraordinary journey in care

In early 2023, Rachelle embarked on a life-changing journey from her native Australia to the UK. Her prior experience was primarily within the kitchen environment, but she longed for a career shift that would make a meaningful difference. Inspired by her personal experiences, particularly her time spent caring for her grandmother, Rachelle felt compelled to explore opportunities in the care sector. In May 2023, she joined Radfield Home Care, signifying the beginning of her career in the industry.

Professional Growth and Education

From the outset, Rachelle demonstrated an unwavering commitment to her personal and professional growth. She eagerly pursued her Care Certificate, underlining her dedication to building a solid foundation in the field. Furthermore, Rachelle’s hunger for learning didn’t wane; she is currently working towards enrolling in her Level 3 NVQ, further enhancing her qualifications and expertise.

Empowering Independence and Preserving Dignity

Rachelle’s core philosophy centres on empowering clients to maintain their independence while preserving their dignity. She recognises the importance of allowing individuals to uphold their sense of identity, an approach that resonates deeply with Radfield’s values.

Collaborative Skills and Team Support

Rachelle’s adeptness in communication and her collaborative spirit significantly contribute to her team’s success. She has been a valuable source of support to her colleague, Christine, offering assistance and guidance throughout Christine’s journey to attain her care certificate. Rachelle readily addresses inquiries and shares valuable insights whenever needed.

Building Client Rapport

One of the most remarkable facets of Rachelle’s journey is the strong rapport she has developed with clients. Les, husband to Pam, is particularly impressed with Rachelle’s exceptional care. Les constantly praises Rachelle to the Registered Care Manager, Chanice. He describes her as dedicated and perfectly suited for her role. He lauds her extraordinary care for Pam, emphasizing her unwavering patience and kindness.

“I am very grateful for the support I have received working with Radfield Home Care Orpington, Bromley & Beckenham from my line manager Chanice Baugh and Director Simi Ghuman. Although I wasn’t trained in the care industry professionally prior to my start with Radfield Home Care, Chanice and Simi were very understanding of my personal experiences in relation to caring.

Rachelle - Case Study

Chanice and Simi were very supportive during training sessions and if myself or my colleagues needed any support during our online modules whilst completing our care certificates, they were always happy to help! Chanice and Simi supported me with my wishes to further my knowledge and education in the caring industry and whilst working for Radfield Home Care I found a great interest in Dementia and Alzheimer’s care and to further my education and understanding to better support my clients. I was also placed with clients in beginning , middle and later stages of Dementia / Alzheimer’s which was a good experience to better understand myself the effects it has.

I have made many great friendships with my team at Radfield Home Care Orpington, Bromley and Beckenham which has made the solo transition from Australia much easier having a supportive team environment. I have also had many happy experiences with my clients and their families, who welcomed me into their homes / lives and even cheered me on with my achievements at Radfield such as completing my required training and care certificate.”

Rachelle’s ongoing journey with Radfield Home Care exemplifies her commitment to enhancing the lives of her clients. Her dedication to lifelong learning, her commitment to fostering independence, and her dedication to preserving clients’ individuality align seamlessly with Radfield’s core values. Rachelle’s outstanding caregiving skills, particularly in building strong client relationships, signify her vital contribution to Radfield’s mission of delivering exceptional care and ensuring clients maintain their connections and individuality. Her journey embodies the very essence of compassionate caregiving.


Simi Ghuman

Simi Ghuman

Director & Owner

Simi is from a big family with a strong emphasis on looking after older relatives. It’s the strong emotional connection to family that motivated her to launch a business in home care.

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