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Christine’s Care Professional journey at Radfield Home Care

15 February 2024

Local News

Written bySimi Ghuman

Christine’s Care Professional journey at Radfield Home Care

Christine embarked on a new chapter in her life when she joined Radfield Home Care in May 2023. Originating from Rwanda, she sought a fresh challenge upon relocating to the UK with her family, eager to make a positive impact in her new community.

Despite being new to the field of care, Christine embraced the opportunity wholeheartedly, swiftly completing her training and demonstrating a natural aptitude for the role. She quickly grasped the qualities required to excel as an outstanding care professional.

One of Christine’s remarkable strengths lies in her ability to connect deeply with her clients, building extraordinary relationships based on trust and compassion. She formed a particularly special bond with one client during their final days, providing invaluable support and companionship. The client’s daughter expressed gratitude for Christine’s compassionate care, acknowledging her role in making a difficult period more bearable.

“I want to thank Christine again for how she helped care for my mum in her final weeks. My mum was always reluctant to have carers as she wanted to remain as independent as possible. I know my mum was fond of Christine in such a short time and it was a very positive thing to have a familiar face. Christine helped make a difficult period somewhat easier.”

Moreover, Christine brings joy and positivity to her interactions, infusing each visit with her love for singing and dancing. Her infectious enthusiasm uplifts spirits and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Beyond her direct care duties, Christine embodies the spirit of teamwork, frequently lending a helping hand at the Connections Café. Whether serving teas and coffees or bringing her daughter along to brighten the atmosphere, she consistently goes above and beyond to support her colleagues and enhance the community experience.

In summary, Christine’s journey at Radfield Home Care is a testament to her dedication, exceptional empathy, and vibrant spirit. Her contributions have touched the lives of clients and colleagues alike, leaving a lasting impact on all who have had the pleasure of knowing her.

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Simi Ghuman

Simi Ghuman

Director & Owner

Simi is from a big family with a strong emphasis on looking after older relatives. It’s the strong emotional connection to family that motivated her to launch a business in home care.

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