Five reasons home care assistants are the best

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Working as a home care assistant is rewarding: the sense of achievement our carers feel giving something back to their local community is fantastic. The values, ethics and commitment they develop at the same time makes them one of the best workforces there is.

We could talk for hours about the ins-and-outs of the best home care assistant’s qualities, but we’ve picked the best five below.

1. They’re fun

theyre fun 

Meeting so many people each day means home care assistants have excellent social skills and always know how to put a smile on anyone’s faces - not least their clients! No mean feat when they meet such a wide range of people and needs each day.


2. They’re dependable

 theyre dependable

We all need that one friend we can lean on through tough times and happy times alike, and it is exactly the same in the home care community. Home care assistants can always be depended on; whether that is by a client to make them comfortable, an employer to travel between shifts on time or a client’s relative to provide up-to-date notes on their loved one’s welfare.


3. They don’t complain

 they dont complain

Working as a home care assistant can be difficult at times; both physically and mentally. Yet it is rare a home care assistant will be heard complaining. They enjoy their job, their clients and providing care so much they wake up each morning with a smile on their face, ready to go again.


4. They’re natural teachers

 theyre natural teachers

They say we never stop learning, and home care assistants are walking proof of this. Visiting clients of all ages, every day, they teach them all how to remain as independent as possible, despite the challenges their clients may face.


5. They improve people’s lives

 they improve peoples lives

The core purpose of a home care assistant’s job is to help improve their clients’ lives. Be this through companionship, domestic support or personal care; a client is left feeling happier, more independent and fulfilled through the work of home carers.

If you are already a home care assistant, you should be proud to work so hard within such a challenging industry. If you think you have the five fantastic qualities listed above, it may be that you too could be a perfect fit for this rewarding career path.

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