Kaisha's story, carer

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We would like to introduce you to one of our younger carers at Radfield Home Care Herefordshire and South Shropshire, Kaisha Bicknell.  


Kaisha's Early Start to her Career in Care


Kaisha joined the Radfield care team toward the end of Summer. Kaisha worked in a residential care home while studying for her Level 3 in Health and Social Care. She found that work and study in tandem accelerated her career development.

However, the regimented environment and small teams of the residential care home were not quite right for Kaisha. She didn’t want to work with the same people day in, day out.

When she successfully completed her college course, she realised that she wasn’t perhaps academic enough to continue her studies and go into nursing. But Kaisha didn’t let that stop her. She had her heart set on a career in care because of its variation, the opportunity to meet new people and flexible working hours. She also thought it’d be far more rewarding to care for older people in the comforts of their own homes.

Kaisha explains,

“I personally also love the independence of the role, overcoming the challenges yourself, and feeling proud of what you have achieved.”


Why Radfield Home Care?


We asked Kaisha why she chose Radfield Home Care as her employer. She explained,

“I read lots of reviews on Facebook and their website. Radfield stood out. I like the fact that they are a privately-run company with family values, When I read about them, I felt I could really make a difference.”

Kiain and his team are really friendly. We regularly meet up to discuss any potential problems. They have a real open-door policy: they provided a lot of support during my three month probationary period, and ongoing support and training covering specific needs of older people like dementia awareness.”


Find out more about our training and ‘Caring for Carers’ pledge.


Do you have any future aspirations working for Radfield?


“As well as offering flexible hours and job satisfaction, my career in care allows me to afford the finer things in life. I love to drive a nice car, I love all things girly like nice makeup, clothes and dining out in nice restaurants.  I am also saving for a deposit for my own house.”


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