Liz's story, carer

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We would like to introduce you to our wonderful carer Liz Wagstaff, who joined Radfield Home Care Herefordshire and South Shropshire in May 2018.


Liz's Extensive Experience of Caring for Adults


Liz has previously worked with adults with learning difficulties in her home town of Ledbury. Prior to that, Liz worked in a residential environment for 6 years caring for adults with diseases such as Huntington’s Disease. Although this was a role that Liz loved, she found it very difficult to see young adults losing their lives to such challenging diseases.

Liz has a son of 26, who has just left home, so Liz made the decision to look for a role that was flexible, local and when Radfield Home Care launched and started to promote their care career opportunities, this seemed the perfect fit.


Why Radfield Home Care?


We asked Liz why she chose to work for Radfield Home Care, with which Liz explained,

“I love having my independence visiting and caring for our clients and I love to be able to use my own initiative, rather than being told what to do all the time.  I knew with this role that I would be fortunate enough to meet some incredible people, our clients, with fascinating backgrounds. I also really love the fact that Radfield promotes and encourages independence, and we provide a service that enables older people to stay at home, which is where they really want to be.

I love the Radfield uniform. For me, wearing a smart uniform makes me feel very professional. Radfield has great standards, and I feel very proud to be recognised as a Radfield employee. Kiain is amazing.  His standards are very high!”


Do you have any special moments you'd like to share?


Liz explained,

“I had a week off a while ago but rather than going away as planned I ended up going to London instead for a long weekend, which meant a late night arriving home and had  work the next morning, with my first morning care call being at 7.30am. When arriving at my care call that morning I received a lovely comment from my client, ‘Oh I have missed you’. This endearing comment put everything in perspective and makes my role so worthwhile!”


What do you love most about the job?


"I just love the social aspect of my job especially when my care calls are around meal times, when I get the chance to cook for my clients.  Everyday, I get the opportunity to make porridge and a full English, and also make some good old favourite sandwiches for my clients, which they love. It feels good when you know someone has enjoyed their meal you have prepared for them. I don’t have this at home as my son has now left home, so I’m cooking just for myself.

I also love the sense of achievement in terms of the personal care we provide,  I love making sure that our clients are washed, dressed, jewellery in place and hair all done ready for the day. They love to be made to feel special.

I have received great support since I started at Radfield, and love working with the team around me, they have all been so supportive."


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