Radfield Celebrates World Values Day

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In celebration of world values day on the 19th October 2017, we at Radfield Home Care Herefordshire and South Shropshire thought it would be a good idea to explore why it is important for a company to have values.

Radfield Celebrates World Values Day

When you search for an answer to this on Google, you get many different hits, all saying the same thing; values give a company its identity and defines what they stand for, the same as an individual.

To elaborate on this, we also believe that values can give the company and its staff a common goal and image to strive for. We also believe that it is important to have values that people can believe in, related to and see, being lived day-to-day.

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If a company’s staff don’t have or believe in its values, it can affect the quality of the work that is delivered and risk a negative impression.

At Radfield Home Care we are already working closely with and implementing our values, with examples being shown in all areas of work that we do:

We are a family

Our recruitment of carers is ongoing – we are still expanding the Radfield family. However, when Kiain McKean, Director, is meeting new potential carers, he keeps in mind his own family. If the individual stood in front of him wouldn’t be trusted to work with his relative, then why should they be trusted with someone else’s relative? We see the clients that we work with as part of the Radfield family too and we care for them in the same way we would our own family.

We are proud to care

Our pride in caring is shown with our care staff and the level of commitment and enthusiasm they show to our clients. Our care staff always want to be here and they enjoy caring - not one of them would say that they only do this job for the money - our staff are proud of the work that they do.

We are on your side

We do always make sure that we support the clients that we work with. Not only are they paying for our services, it is only fair that they get the care and support they deserve and to have carers that are committed to them. A recent example is one of our local authority clients. The client required their support to be increased, so showing that we are always on their side, we fought for this to happen and we were successful.

In addition, to The Radfield Family Values, we offer our staff our Caring for Carers pledge, as a public statement and demonstration of the commitment which we make to our staff and clients.   Radfield values give us the identity that we want; a friendly and committed care company, devoted to providing the best care at home service possible.

Radfield Home Care Herefordshire and South Shropshire exist to support the communities of Hereford, Ledbury, Ross-on-Wye, Leominster, Ludlow, Tenbury Wells and all surrounding area. We are proud to be Certified B Corp which means we are part of the Global movement who promote ‘people and planet above profits.’

Please contact Kiain to discuss ways in which we could help you or your loved ones on 01531 630 298 or email herefordshire@radfieldhomecare.co.uk or via their website at www.radfieldhomecare.co.uk.

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